How Hard Is Hiking Mount Nyiragongo?

The trek is difficult but doable

How Hard Is Hiking Mount Nyiragongo Volcano?

How hard is hiking mount Nyiragongo volcano? – Its 5,000 times colder at the top more than you think. Take as many warm clothes as you can because you will need them. Everyone in the group might freeze all night.

I know it sounds intimidating, but reaching the summit is a once in a life experience. Booking through Africa Adventure Vacations, you will have someone from Virunga national park to meet you at the border and be with you every time so there is no need to worry about anything.

The trek is difficult but doable. It can take you about 5 – 6 hours to get to the summit and about 3 hours descending from the mountain. Faster hikers get to the top of the mountain in only four hours. Some slow hikers take 12 hours and get there at night. This is a difficult hike. There are no switchbacks meaning that you are walking straight up to the summit with little rest. Hiking is easily the hardest physical challenge some times. But don’t let that scare you off: if you can walk up to 15 miles on a flat ground without stopping, you can hike to the top. Climbing mountain Nyiragongo is a pretty safe way to spend 24 hours in DR Congo.

It’s hard to predict the weather and this makes us ending up being fortunate on our trip. You can run the risk of climbing all the way to the summit seeing nothing when you reach there. Nature predicts.

It’s worth paying for extras. While hiking mountain Nyiragongo, you can buy a walking stick for $5 to help you hike on the rocks. Finally you can pay $100 for shelter with the meal package. While this is not essential, not having a sleeping bag or an effort to prepare dinner and breakfast for yourself while at the summit, for huge bonus.

Taking Diamox is the best idea. Unless you have spent above 3500 meters and you aren’t disposed to to the sickness, its better stoking up some Diamox and take it on the hike.

You can leave unnecessary luggage home and the good news is that there is a room when you can leave your luggage and find it safe while you are away for hiking. You can buy the gear package from the park and it comes with fully stocked backpack.

Don’t believe the news before you arrive to the park. Here is what you need to know about the situation in DR Congo, you cannot get in danger because Virunga national park closes its borders in the entire park and does not any stranger enter, it makes sense if something was to happen to the traveler there, they would suffer huge losses.

Because of this we advise you not to believe or read news about DR Congo until you arrive, and because all you will do is scare yourself. It is better you for you to be ignorant and know that if there was any danger they wouldn’t allow you into the park.

How hard is hiking mount Nyiragongo volcano? – don’t get very n ear to the edge. There are no barriers at the top of Nyiragongo volcano, and it’s also very easy to slip and fall. Years ago, a Chinese woman died when she fell into the crater. You should be very careful and you are advised not to get to close to the edge.

You are advised not to fly a drone over the volcano. The volcano is referred to as the grave yard because there are dozens of broken drones littered all over the summit.

If you want a smaller group avoid weekends. Weekends is when the UN and NGO workers from Goma town often sign up to hike on Saturdays. On normal days, about 6 to 8 groups hike unlike weekend when they groups can go up to 24.

It’s not compulsory but you can tip your porter, guide, ranger or cook. You can bring extra money with you and tip them after returning back from hiking. These people risk their lives every day to take tourists all over Virunga, you might want to show your appreciation.

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