What Is The Best Time To Hike Nyiragongo Volcano?

The best time to hike Nyiragongo volcano is from December to mid-march and also mid-June to September

What Is The Best Time To Hike Nyiragongo Volcano?

What is the best time to hike nyiragongo volcano? Hiking Mountain Nyiragongo can be done throughout the year although the dry months happen in December, January, February, march, June, July, August and September and these months are considered to be the best time to hike Nyiragongo volcano, due to little rain levels.

Nyiragongo volcano is situated in Virunga national park found in the eastern part of DR Congo and it was re – opened for tourism in 2019 after being closed in 2018 because of rebels 2 British tourists. Virunga national park is a home to both primates and wildlife animals but its famous for mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and Nyiragongo volcano as it’s done during the peak season. The tourism of DR Congo is at the peak during dry season which happens in June to September and it’s among the top safari activities done at DR Congo for Congo safaris.

The best time to hike Nyiragongo volcano is from December to mid-march and also mid-June to September because this period is not as cold as is it always in wet season and you will be able to spot the peak of the mountain clearly. Besides, for most of the hikers, December and January are the best months for them to hike the Nyiragongo volcano.

DR Congo is sunny and warm throughout the year although you should bear it in mind that other different parts of the country experience different types of climate including Nyiragongo mountain since its situated in the middle of the equatorial rain forest, thus there are also changes in climate where there are repeated rains during some months of the year, including March, April, May, October and November.

Most recommended month to hike the Nyiragongo volcano

From end of December, January, February and mid-march is the dry season for the north meaning slightly easier travel conditions.

You should hike Nyiragongo volcano is you are planning for to add mountain gorilla trekking as a second activity on your safari

April to October are the dry months in the south and the best time to attempt overland routes across DR Congo.

Equator line in DR Congo (Weather of DR Congo)

The equator is that imaginary line that separates the earth into southern and northern hemispheres. In Africa the equator line passes through 7 west, central, and east African countries such as Gabon, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, DR Congo, Somalia and Sao Torne and prince.

The fact that the equator line crosses through DR Congo is a clear indicator that receives equatorial climate type backed up by highly populated areas the fact that it has the biggest rain forests in whole of central Africa, being the reason as to why nature walks are encouraged as extra safari activities in the wilderness of Democratic Republic of Congo

When to go trek Nyiragongo volcano?

Africa Adventure Vacations recommends that you visit DR Congo with dry months of June to September and December to February, the skies are clear giving you beautiful views of the vegetation of Virunga national park, the period is also a great time for taking photographs by adventure lovers for memories.

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