Simplest Way of Getting Congo Visa

Tourist Visa applications online are available for those tourists who wish to Virunga National Park and can be reached on a website

Simplest Ways To Get A Congo Visa

What is the simplest way to get a Congo Visa? Getting a Congo Visa is not all that complicated. The Visa for Congo is got at $105. A tourist Visa usually goes for 2 weeks. As it is with other destinations, the authorities will need to be assured that the Visa you need is needed with valid reasons.

You desire to have the following so as to qualify for a tourist Visa;

A proof of purchase of a gorilla trekking permit. You need to show a proof of payment for any accommodation facility and accommodation in the National park is more preferred. You may also show proof of payment for any other tourism event. You can show an agreement you have with a registered tour operator.

To make sure you get you Visa, you will need to travel to DR Congo and the Visa will be offered on the arrival. This is different from other countries like Rwanda which require you to be with a Visa before arrival.

Tourist Visa applications online are available for those tourists who wish to Virunga National Park and can be reached on a website;  You will secure one if you either have a valid gorilla permit or accommodation confirmation.

You will have to process the Visa in 2 weeks before your travel time but you will get the Visa on arrival. The Visa is valid for 14 days and is a single entry. You may email your passport copy which is scanned to upon the completion of your Visa application process.

You will need to present a proof of a valid yellow fever vaccination so as to access the country. However it is not among the requirements for getting a Visa.

Authorities are authorized to terminate or reject your Visa thus you have your documents well prepared and wait for the feedback from the authorities.

Life Of Virunga Rangers

As it is not with the other East African parks, the DR Congo rangers in Virunga National Park have got a lot of responsibilities and works thus putting their life to danger than the other rangers in the other parks.

With the DR Congo history of insecurity with various rebel activities where most rangers almost get killed just for the reason of conservation.

Virunga is gifted by several natural resources and the main of these natural resources is oil and this makes oil mining the main activity done at the park. It is believed that 80% of the park’s land in the future and will be taken over by the mining activities.

With the money gathered from the oil, mining companies have penetrated into the politics of the country and they have started diverting animal distribution in order to take a new twist of killing whoever tries to stop them get the land that is blessed with oil and the rangers are the ones on the spot light for this.

Poverty is also much in DR Congo and poaching activity is one way to get money. Remember rangers are the ones who are there to monitor gorillas throughout the week and there are many possibilities that these rangers are going to be in danger while poaching is ongoing because they are the main targets and most cases they are always killed.

Poachers always have wonderful machinery because they are facilitated by the people who have market for such kind of the animals.

Rangers on the other side are also poorly equipped and of which most of them are donated by well-wishers.  Some of these rangers even reach at an extent of going to the field to battle with the poachers that have got guns when for them they have no guns.

Currently a fund has been setup for the people who want to donate towards improving the lives of rangers who stay in Virunga and this also goes to you that you can contribute towards this call.

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