Sectors Of Virunga National Park

You can decide to fly to the country via Goma airport flying using Ethiopian Airlines and you will have to drive about 10-15 minutes then to Grande Barrier border buildings

Sectors Of Virunga National Park

What are some of the sectors of Virunga national park? The park is the one of the oldest national parks in Democratic Republic of Congo which was established in 1925 and it is found within the country. It is just 15 minutes from Goma town to the park. Virunga national park is mainly known as a home of mountain gorillas in the world with other three destinations, that is, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park of Uganda and Volcanoes national park of Rwanda. Virunga national park can be accessed from Kigali international airport of Rwanda and then drive to Goma-Gisenyi border then to the park headquarters of Virunga national park. This park marks the beginning point for hiking to the world’s largest crater lake which is found at the top of active volcano mount Nyiragongo.

You can decide to fly to the country via Goma airport flying using Ethiopian Airlines and you will have to drive about 10-15 minutes then to Grande Barrier border buildings so that you check in the park and also get your permits to allow you to participate in various activities. You can also link from the southern side of Bukavu and after you will visit Kahuzi Biega by spending 3-4 hours speed boat ride which takes you to Goma and later drive for few minutes to the Grande Barrier.

Below are the sectors of Virunga national park in DR Congo;

Central Sector

The Virunga national park lies on the land of 8,090 sq. km bordering Rwanda and South Uganda. There are 4 sectors located in Virunga National Park and they include the central sector which is known as Lulimbi sector which mainly covers a 3rd of Lake Edward and to the eastern border of Uganda. In this sector you will spot wildlife like climbing lions which are found in the savannah vegetation of Ishasha plains. You will also watch Lulimbi hippos meandering at the south eastern border or at Ishasha river waters. Evening and afternoon walks are some of the activities done at the park. The sector is made up of huge number of birds thus good area for bird watchers and the place has diversity of fauna and flora.  You can relax from the river bank of river of River Ishasha where you will watch closely lulimbi hippo residents. You can also encounter savannah elephants in this sector as they are going to drink water from the river. You may decide to go for morning, evening or night game drive which can be done at around Ishasha plains and this will help you to explore the regions beauty and what it has to offer. Evening barbeque dinners and bonfires are some of the other activities you can participate in while at the park. Lulimbi tented is the means of accommodation commonly used by travelers to this sector.

Southern sector.

This sector goes up to Lake Kivu and it is accompanied by Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Mikeno and Mount Nyamulagira which is surrounded by montane forests along the mountain slopes. The sector is known as Kibumba sector and you will find endangered mountain gorillas at this point for trekking. Kibumba sector offers most of the activities in the park and is commonly visited and protected. Bird life in this sector is amazing and you will spot birds such as the Rwenzori Turaco, red throated thrush, blue headed sun bird, red faced woodland, collared appalis, mountain masked appalis and many other bird species.

Most visitors of Virunga National Park love staying in this sector because it has comfortable accommodations for the visitors and it is Kibumba Tented Camp that offers this accommodation. Some of the tourism activities conducted in this sector include the Mount Nyiragongo hike and Mountain gorilla trekking. Simple activities in the sector also include bird watching, nature forest walks, or visiting the Virunga’s Congo hounds.

Northern Sector.

This sector of Virunga National Park covers Mountain Rwenzori ranges found in Rwenzori National park which is in-between Uganda and DR Cong plus Semiliki river region. It is not as popular as the other fellow sectors due to the under development in the sector.

Eastern sector.

This is among the best sectors of Virunga National Park and at times; it is called the Bukima sector and is full of mountain gorillas. The sector offers gorilla trekking in the park. Some of the accommodations found in this sector include luxurious Mikeno lodge and Bukima Tented camp.  Most gorilla treks usually start off from this point with a brief at Bukima ranger post in the early morning and get lunch after gorilla trekking activity. When you are at the eastern sector, you can decide to visit the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage which is found in the Mikeno lodge compound. Chimpanzee gorilla family is currently habituated for visits in Mahura forest that is located in the eastern sector of Virunga National Park. The headquarters of Virunga National Park are located in this sector and they are next to the prestigious Mikeno lodge and you can visit them if you have time and interest.

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