Zanzibar Flying Safaris

Zanzibar is a land of great treasures.

Zanzibar Flying Safaris

Zanzibar flying safaris and helicopter tours are very exciting. Only a few countries on the African continent can be compared to Zanzibar when it comes to beach experiences. Zanzibar has an amazing environment and backdrop for recommendable pitching and snorkeling. Zanzibar flying will help you save time, catch up with different activities as fast as possible, and have a stress-free safari. A flying safari to Zanzibar is always worth it since it begins from the mainland (Tanzania) to the different airstrips in Zanzibar where there several activities to engage in.

Zanzibar is a land of great treasures. Visitors can experience traditional water sports, must and dance, walk beside the clear blue seas, eat seafood, swim in incredible coral reefs, and explore the island’s history among other activities.  Book your flying safaris to Zanzibar and helicopter tours today.

Luxury flying safaris on Zanzibar island

As you reach the stone town, every turn leads to a special attraction, with an exotic scent. The stone town was confirmed as a demonstration of cultural blend and harmonization. Expect this and more as you fly across the region. While flying across the region. As you fly to this journey’s end, expect to sight an inspiring four-story building established near to the marine right in front of Mzingani road, that’s formally acted as a confidential apartment before making it a dispensary unit during the colonial time. Visit Livingstone house which was built around 1860 for the sultan Majid and later on used by the explorers and missions to begin their duty. On your flight, observe a tiny vaulted structure surrounded by a beautiful garden, and having traditional crafts, ancient trade ships, sultan’s explorers’ pieces of equipment, mosques nearby, clove oil production, slavery demonstrations, household items, nearby places, and many others.

Arab Fort

This is yet another very interesting feature you expect to sight as you fly to Zanzibar island, the Fort which was built between 1698 and 1701, positioned right opposite the wonderful house, with a café, outdoor theatre, and welcoming all visitors all over the world. It is one of the most fascinating destinations to visit.

Beach tour

One of the most magnificent destinations everyone should reach during a safari is the Zanzibar’s beaches; it is an ideal destination for relaxing after a hectic holiday or period. Some of the beaches on the west coast include Mangapwani beach and on the east coast, we find Matenwe, Uroa, Kiwengwa, Bwejuu, and Pwani Mchangani, Jambiani beaches; fly and kill stress, discover the happiness in a beach. Flying safaris to Zanzibar is cost-effective and very safe, you will just contact us with your details and all the reservations will be done as first as possible, to enable you to explore this interesting island.

Luxury fly in safaris to Zanzibar can be extended to Uganda and Rwanda for mountain for mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi, Mgahinga and volcanoes national park

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