Uganda Flying Safaris

In Uganda domestic flights begin from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airfield and several airstrips distributed across the country.

Uganda Flying Safaris

Uganda flying safaris are quite common especially scheduled and chartered flights. Uganda offers a lot of various places of interest to any travelers who is interested in exploring Uganda as the leisure destination.  Apart from the road trip where visitors will have to travel for long distances to access various national parks in Uganda, Uganda also offers flying adventure trips which are convenient and cheaper to the tourists.

Uganda flying adventure trips are made and well organized for those who like travelling long distances hard and only those who have limited time and would like to use the flights to connect to their destination so easily. The Uganda flying adventure trips provides visitors with conformability though most of the visitors think that the road transport is cheap but it is characterized with a lot of challenges including tiresome, traffic jam, air pollution, humps but these can be avoided by booking our flying safari trip to the places of your choice.

Uganda flying adventure trips are available in Uganda by those scheduled flights and the chartered flights and they start mostly at the Entebbe international airport and Kajjansi Airstrip in Entebbe.  Most of the National Parks in Uganda have got various airstrips that do allow the flying safari. The flying safaris provide visitors with less driving times and they allow visitors to do that activity on the same day which is so interesting. Fly to then destination and enjoy the various activities in a short period of time which is so much interesting.

Upon landing at the airstrip, you will find our standby vehicle with the experienced guide driver ready to take you to transfer you to your respective booked lodge.  The Uganda flying adventure trips as I have earlier said begin from the major international airport which is the Uganda’s main international airport or from the Kajjansi Airfield. The flighty will take you to various fields within the parks and the various airstrips in the park include the Pakuba airstrip, Kisoro airstrip, Mweya airstrip, Kasese airstrip, Kihihi airstrip, Chobe Airstrip and among other safari trips.

The flights do range from $250 to $400 for the people who have booked flights on the scheduled setting. Yes we can believe that that the flying safaris are expensive but we make sure that we book for you the flying safaris provided you inform us early enough in advance and therefore, don’t make any mistake or hesitation that come and book with us the flying safaris and this will provide you the best and enjoy the huge discounts and this is very interesting.

Where to go in Uganda on the scheduled or chartered flight?

Uganda flying adventure trips are very quick and swift and in just limited time you will be to enjoy the various national parks in Uganda.  You will be bale for example to fly to Murchison Falls National park by taking a flight Schedule or the chartered flight and you will comfortably arrive in the park and even engage in various activities. The activities that you can engage in on that very day of the flying safari in Murchison falls national park may include visiting the top of the falls, enjoy the game drives safaris and after you may even fly back to Entebbe in only one day.  Still the flying safaris in Uganda can make it possible for you to fly to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park through Kihihi airstrip or continue to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park by landing to Kisoro Airstirp. These national parks are found within the western Uganda and are the only parks hosting more than half of the mountain gorillas remaining in the World.

The Uganda flying adventure trips will also lead you to Kibale forest national; park however, for this park visitors can connect from Kasese airstrip or Mbarara airstrip to drive to Kibale Forest National Park.  Kibale forest national; Park is the one of the wonderful and best national park for you to explore the primates and sometimes it is referred to as the primate capital. Kibale Forest National park features over 13 species of primates with the common ones being the chimpanzees which are habituated and others include the baboons, monkeys, and others. You will also enjoy the culture activities around Kibale Forest National park.

The most remote national park in Uganda is called Kidepo valley National Park and this can also be accessed by scheduled flights. The park is so interesting with virgin wildlife areas and it is isolated in semi desert region of Uganda.  Kidepo airfield is near the park and in case you use the road, you will need to drive for about ten hours from kamala to reach the park. This means that its along distance and while using the flights, you will be able to access Kidepo valley national park in a period of just 2 hours. Therefore, travel for only 2 hours and enjoy different attractions including the elephants, zebras, warthogs, buffaloes, and the rich culture of the Karamajong people as well the unique Ik people which is so wonderful.

Visitors can also enjoy other parks by connecting from the nearby airstrips for example you will also have to connect from Kasese airstrip to connect to semuliki national park which is known as the destination for double Sempaya hot springs. Enjoy the flights to queen Elizabeth Park for the boat cruise and game drives thus its good that while planning to come to Uganda for the safaris, try get in the flying in safaris in case you don’t like travelling for long distances.

What is the best tome for Uganda flying adventure trips?

In Uganda, the Uganda flying adventure trips are arranged and organized on daily basis the flying safaris to various national park are scheduled in different time depending on the time of the weather. The Uganda flying adventure trips are best done during the dry season when the weather conditions are relatively clear and making the safari so fantastic. The dry season in Uganda happens during the months of June to September and then December to February and this is so wonderful. This is the best time for you to carry your flying safari and this so wonderful. However, the Uganda flying adventure trips can be organized any time and thus feel free to contact us to book for the wonderful Uganda flying adventure trips

Where to stay for your Uganda flying adventure trips?

Each flying destination in Uganda has got several accommodation facilities where you can stay provided you trust us to organize for the Uganda flying adventure trips. By flying to the Ugandan national parks, you will find a lot of accommodation facilities ranging from budget, midrange and upmarket lodges.  One of the various accommodation facilities where you can stay in Uganda for your Uganda flying adventure trips  include the Pakuba safari loge and Chobe safari lodge in Murchison falls national park,  Buffalo lodge, Mweya safari Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. There other lodges that include, Mihingo loge, chameleon hill lodge, Rwakobo lodge among other loges and accommodation facilities. What you need to do is to inform us and we choose for you your preferred destination and Lodge.

If not Uganda, where then can you find flying safaris to amazing destinations at ease and very affordable cost, contact us for your safari today and fly to your destination at ease.

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