What To Wear On Your Visit To Mount Elgon National Park In Uganda

The following are gears that one needs to complete the hike

What To Wear On Your Visit To Mount Elgon National Park In Uganda?

What to wear on your visit to mount Elgon national park in Uganda? Hiking mountain Elgon national park is easy but sometimes what people wear during the experience can also make it difficult to reach the top of the peaks. We have listed the things that are required to complete the hike without disturbance.

If you are still asking what to wear in mount Elgon, the following are gears that one needs to complete the hike as listed below;

Garden Gloves

These gloves will protect you from germs and reduce the risk of other infections that may affect you since during this activity you hold onto vegetation when you’re hiking. Therefore, always consider gloves as the important thing on this safari.

Rain Jacket

Most of the tourists prefer hiking mountains during the dry season of the year but national parks are in tropical areas therefore anytime it can rain in the dry months.

Consider having a raining jacket just in case it rains since these parks are in mountainous areas, you will not know the day it will rain.

Hat and Sun Glasses

It is also important to carry hats and sunglasses mostly in the dry months of the year, this is an optional thing during mountain climbing but it is advisable to carry them to avoid disturbance.  They protect you from the light and heat.

Long skirts

Long skirts, make sure that they are not too thick of material. Some skirts people bring are not nearly as ideal as you would imagine, because you can get really hot wearing them and they may not be flexible during mountain hiking.

Long pants

They have to touch the ground. The red dirt will get on anything that it touches. So just be forewarned on it.

Light trousers

Light trousers are also good and they are also easy to wash and do not take the weight for easy movement during hiking.

Tan shirts, other solid colors, long-sleeved are good for protection, but avoid wearing blues and yellow which do attract Tse Tse flies.

Light hiking boots

Hiking boots are also needed during mountain climbing to protect your feet from getting damages.

Other requirements you should bring on your climbing safari on Mountain Elgon are a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, rain gear, water bottle, cooking equipment, first aid kit, camera with extra batteries, Pairs of binocular.

Getting to Mountain Elgon National park

Mount Elgon National Park is 235km distant in the East as you’re from the center of the Kampala region. The road is accessible since it is a tarmac one. The tarmac road takes you from Kampala via Jinja to Mbale town where you head to Mt Elgon and from there you will climb to Kapchorwa. The Mbale Kapchorwa tarmac road enables the traveler to access various trailheads.

Accommodation in mountain Elgon.

The park has nine campsites that are situated in well strategic locations. The campsites are found in the tent pads, water sources, and latrines. However, it is advisable to carry your supplies and equipment for camping.  Simple accommodation in the national park is featured and you will find self-contained cottages at Forest Exploration Centre which is at Kapkwai and Kapkwata Rest House for self-catering services. When you want to sleep outside the park, you can get accommodation services at Budadiri and Kapchorwa. There are several accommodation facilities are located around Sipi falls and in Mbale town.

After climbing mountain Elgon, you can also go gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park which is found in Western parts of Uganda for a wonderful experience and get an opportunity to explore more about these primates. You can visit other places like Murchison falls national park and take a boat cruise on the river Nile where you will see water wildlife animals like hippos, crocodiles, and many more or do a game drive and view various wildlife animals such as buffaloes, giraffes,  Uganda kob, hippos plus countless bird species.

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