Hiking Mount Elgon In Uganda.

Hiking up to the top Wagagai peak is somehow difficult

Hiking Mount Elgon In Uganda.

Hiking Mount Elgon in Uganda up to the highest peak is the easiest experience than hiking the Rwenzori Mountains which is found in Western parts of Uganda. Tourists who are planning to visit Mount Elgon for hiking need to reasonably fit, but no much energy and specialized skills are required to reach the highest peak.  Mount Elgon is not too high and there is no serious risk of altitude-related illness that frequently afflicts many mountain hikers.

There are several hiking routes for hikers of Mountain Elgon. These are most common routes for climbing mountain Elgon include the piswa or sipi routes that begin at higher altitude Budadiri, you can use 6-day hike that is between Budadiri and Kapkwata via Wagagai and the hot springs, 5 -day round hike from Budadiri taking in Wagagai and the hot springs or the most popular route for a 4-day hike from Budadiri-Wagagai through the sasa route in both directions.

At some sections, hiking Mount Elgon turns so steep and quick. This involves the “wall of death” – so named for the frayed local ropes that, some years back, there was the only way to hike mountain Elgon. The 7km which takes a four-hour mountain bamboo trail to Kapkwai Cave passes through a tropical and bamboo forest. Through hiking the trail you will see rare trees such as Elgon olive and Elgon teak, a lot of primates, countless birds, and many more. The 3km walk to the Kapkwai caves, 5km walk to the Chebonet Falls follow the ridge view trail, and also an 11km hike to the Tutum Cave, with the option of camping overnight near the cave.

A walk to Khauka Cave which is located in Wanale takes around 3-4 hours. On Nabuyoga loop you can view Jackson’s Summit and Wagagai peak.  Short-day hikes are available which takes the Sasa River Camp, Mudagi Cliffs, and Drigana lower falls. All these hikes are best for overnight camping, nature walks, and bird watching.

Hiking up to the top Wagagai peak is somehow difficult, and hikers are expected to be fit enough. There are many trails that hikers use to hike up to the highest peak. The mountain is also a natural habitat for different animal species like the forest monkeys, elephants, Small antelopes, buffaloes as well as a lot of birds which is over300 species. You will also see the hot springs, the magnificent Sipi falls, gorge caves. Hiker has to keep in mind that a complete circuit of hiking takes about 4 – 5 days.

You can also begin from Bumasola mountain hike through the Sasa trail. The first walk will take you through community gardens where you will see passion fruits, bananas, cabbages, tomatoes and sweet potatoes which take 1-2 hours to the boundary. From there you will walk some distance and come to the wall of death after and hike up and down various hills where the climb is over 1600m before coming up to the Sasa River, where you will have overnight camping.

Where to stay while at Mountain Elgon

There are various accommodation facilities and safari lodges where you can spend a night on your trip to Mount Elgon. These are some of the best lodges where you can stay to make your safari complete and they are ranging from budget, mid-range and luxury include Mount Elgon guest house, sleep well guest house, and Khwesa resort and hotel for luxurious tourists, those who are seeking for budget accommodation these are best for you crow’s nest rest camp, kapkwai forest cottage or suam guest house and among other accommodation.

How to Access mountain Elgon national park

By road transport from Kampala to the mountain Elgon national park is about 235kilometers from East of Kampala through using a tarmac road passing Jinja via Mbale town at the Western base of Mount Elgon before climbing to Kapchorwa on the mountain’s North-Western flank.

After hiking mount Elgon national park, you can also visit Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorilla trekking and get an opportunity to explore more about these primates. You can visit Murchison falls national park and take a boat cruise on the river Nile where you will see various aquatic animals like hippos, crocodiles and many more or you can do a game drive and view many wildlife animals such as buffaloes, giraffes,  Uganda kob, hippos plus countless bird species.

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