Ankole Long Horned Cattle

These Ankole cattle represent a symbolic value and source of livelihood for the people in western Uganda.

Visit Ankole Long Horned Cattle

If you ever get to see the cattle kings in the western part of Uganda. The Ankole long horned cattle are seen moving around the pasture lands with cattle keepers holding long sticks ad these keep around him so that they help in fending off danger. Since they can survive harsh conditions like less food and water it makes the Ankole cattle good for rearing.

Ankole cattle are commonly found in western Uganda in Isingiro, Ntungamo, Mbarara, Bushenyi, and Kiruhura districts. The Ankole cattle mainly feed on grass found in the lands and they are sometimes given supplements by the farmers to add to their diet. The Ankole cows are known for their long horns that are about 8 feet from tip to toe. The elder people say that the horns are for defense in case the cattle are attacked.

When one says that Ankole is the land of milk and honey is of no surprise, take a look at the traditional Ankole people it is hard to associate them with Ankole cattle dubbed long-horned cattle. These Ankole cattle represent a symbolic value and source of livelihood for the people in western Uganda. Through the road via Kampala Mbarara high way that welcomes everyone is herds of cattle crossing the roads as one leads towards Biharwe. This not only surprises local travelers on board who stop their cars to stare at them but information tourist on well.

Well-composed genius cows find it very easy to travel as a herd especially during lonely times how they are accessing the water points which makes one wonder how they gather to follow each other following their immaturity. Those cattle are guided by the keeper (Omulisa) who guides them and spends most of the time with them. Surprisingly the more the timekeeper spends time with them the more he gets known to them and in this case, a stranger can easily be spotted in those cows. Visitors can travel to lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth national park to encounter wildlife after seeing the Ankole long horned cattle in western region.

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