The district is found on the border of the northeast  Ntoroko district, south of Kabarole district, east of Kibaale district, and west of DR. Congo

Tourist Attractions In Bundibugyo Town

Tourist attractions in Bundibugyo- The town is found in Western Uganda which is about 378 kilometers and takes over a 6-7 hour drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It stands at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. The town is occupied by two major ethnic groups are the Bakonjo and the Bamba. It is borders the east of Kabarole, the south of Kasese, in the north Lake Albert and the west of DR. Congo. Many years back Bundibugyo was among the Toro kingdom but in 1967 the kingdom was abolished and then the kingdom attained district status. Semuliki district was carved out to Toro district in 1974 and renamed as Bundibugyo district in 1980. Bundibugyo town is surrounded by many tourist attractions one should not miss out on his tours to western parts of Uganda, with an amazing memorable experience.

The following are the tourist attractions, you can do while on your trip to Bundibugyo town as explained below;

Semliki National Park

Semuliki national park in western Uganda in Bwamba county of Bundibugyo district is one of the nearest destinations to Bundibugyo town. With many tourist activities, you can do on your safari to Bundibugyo town such as Sempaya hot springs, at this hot springs people used to boil their materials like egg and plantation and it is the most trending activities in the Semuliki national park. Other activities in the park are bird watching, butterfly watching, nature walks, sport fishing, chimpanzee tracking and many more.

Toro Semuliki wildlife reserve

Toro Semuliki Wildlife reserve is found in western parts of Uganda in the kabarole and Ntoroko just 1-hour drive from Bundibugyo town. This area has many tourist attractions you can do on your trip such as hiking to Nyaburogo, visit the local community, bird watching, nature walks, boat cruises, and game drive, and many more.

The Amabere Craves

When you visit the Bundibugyo district do not miss out to go to the mysterious Amabere caves which have a cultural formation that brings more weight to its scientific formation. The history, cultural formation, and beauty will blow your mind and make you wish to make another safari to the Amabere craves. Other attractions c you can visit while here are Kibale National Park, Lake Albert, waterfalls, and many others.

Mountain Rwenzori National Park

Mountain Rwenzori National Park is found in western parts of Uganda in the Kasese district which takes approximately 64kilometers from Bundibugyo town. The park has got a lot of tourist attractions including the most trending hiking experience in the entire parts of East Africa, bird watching as it is among the top destinations for a birding safari in Uganda, cultural visit, nature walks, and among others.

How to reach there Bundibugyo town,

Bundibugyo district is found on the border of the northeast  Ntoroko district, south of Kabarole district, east of Kibaale district, and west of DR. Congo. The Bundibugyo district headquarters are found about 32 kilometers by road through the west of Fort Portal while the north of Kasese town is about 72 kilometers.

A visit to this town can be extended to other major tourist attractions in Uganda such as Bwindi forest national park for gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experiences, Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife encounter and boat cruise on the kazinga channel and Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee trekking

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