Nyungwe Top View Hill Lodge

Staying in Nyungwe Top View Hill is the best option for visitors of Nyungwe

Nyungwe Top View Hill Lodge In Rwanda

Nyungwe Top View Hill Lodge is among the best accommodation situated around Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda to provide top services to tourist to the their visit to the park- a home of various primate species which are already familiar to human presence including the unique chimpanzees, Colobus monkey, Mangabey, and beautiful plant species including orchids. Nyungwe Top View Lodge is among the oldest safari lodges around Nyungwe forests with private bungalows, hot water bottles in the beds on cold nights as well as responsive staff.

Nyungwe Forest National Park of Rwanda has got a variety of plant species, 75 species of other mammals, 13 species of primates including the famous chimpanzee trekking, over 275 bird species, and 120 species of butterflies.  It is famous for forest conservation in Africa and the area is well protected. The protected area covers most of the oldest rainforests in Africa. Nyungwe is well known in Africa.

At Nyungwe Top View Hill Lodge, on a clear day, you get an opportunity to see the volcanos in Congo. This lodge has the most gracious and responsive staff members. The food is amazing! Be sure to allow time to linger at Nyungwe Top View Lodge and you can also join the most exciting experience in the park including the endangered Chimpanzees and explore more about them, Colobus monkey tracking mostly for tourists with plenty of time as it takes like 1-2 hours of trek, you can visit the surrounding tea plantations and get a chance to test the African tea.

Tourists staying at Nyungwe Top View Hill Lodge, get a great opportunity to explore more about Nyungwe Forest and it is also a home for countless bird species which makes it the best destination for bird lovers. You can enjoy other activities such as a famous canopy walk that will take you to several hiking trails within the Nyungwe forests Including the unique Isumo trail, Igishigishigi, and Uwinka trail.

Staying in Nyungwe Top View Hill is the best option for visitors of Nyungwe as the most of activities in the park start from this lodge so, it helps you to keep time. Nyungwe Top View Hill also has a good location around the Nyungwe with stunning views of Lake Kivu and tea plantations that are on the hillsides below.

The Nyungwe Top view is an excellent choice for visitors who looking for a moderate, affordable, and clean lodge around Nyungwe forests. The lodge offers comfortable accommodation facilities with the most responsive and gracious management.

While at Nyungwe Top View Hill, You can visit amazing attractions that are found in Nyungwe forests that include.

The famous chimpanzees and get a chance to explore more about this primate as well as enjoying their lifestyle like eating habitats, how mothers breastfeeding their younger ones, and many others.

The Canopy Walk tour. This is an amazing experience in Africa and it so breathes taking as you are sited on 60 meters above the forest floor. Which is in the middle of huge trees and towers, and you will see the flora and fauna above and below of the forest. This is a wonderful experience that you should never miss out on. Other attractions in Nyungwe forests are bird watching, colobus monkey tracking, butterfly viewing, biking, and amazing nature walks with over 15 hiking trails.

After your chimpanzee tracking in  Nyungwe forest national park, you can also plan a trip to Volcanoes National Park for gorilla trekking in Rwanda or golden monkey trek, seeing the smaller and various nimbler monkeys. Visit Akagera national park where you will see a lot of wild animals such as Buffaloes, elephants, lions, giraffes, and many more

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