Community Visit In Nyungwe Forest

Visit Mashesha hot springs within Cyangugu town

Community Visit In Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda

Community visit in Nyungwe forest national park is one of the ways that allows visitors to interact with local people surrounding the park.  The local people living around the park making it easier for visitors to learn the lifestyle and values of local members like traditional dances and songs. During a community visit to Nyungwe forest national park, you can also do other activities within the park such as canopy walk, tea experience, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, colobus monkey tracking, guided nature walks, and others.

Banda village is found in Nyungwe forest national park of Rwanda is the one of major cultural destination that inspires the soul with incredible traditions, entertaining dances, charming villagers, and others. Banda village can be accessed on either a hike from Uwinka or a mountain road.

Community visit in Nyungwe forest is an amazing experience, there are best places around the park which including towns, villages, districts, and they are all targeting for the sustainable development of tourism to benefit the community members. The park is surrounded by several towns like Cyangugu which is found on the edges of southern Lake Kivu close to the Nyngwe forest national park along Butare road. Cyangugu town is also the biggest and capital city in the Rusizi district of Rwanda, this town is near the Nyungwe forest which makes it a perfect shopping center for visitors going for park activities like chimpanzee tracking, guided nature walks, canopy walk and among others. Visitors can also visit Mashesha hot springs within Cyangugu town and get a chance to see the pool of boiling water oozing from the earth’s crust. Visitors visiting Cyangugu town have another chance to visit Lake Kivu which is the best place with water sports such as dug-out canoes, boat rides, kayaking as well as swimming if you’re interested. All above improved the standard of living for the local communities either directly or indirectly through collecting revenue.

Kamembe town is also near Nyungwe forest national park which connecting most of the national parks in Rwanda and other tourist parks. Visiting Kamembe town allows you to visit Nyungwe forest national park which is found in southwestern parts of Rwanda and it takes only 45 kilometers to reach the park from Kamembe town. You can also visit Kahuzi-Biega national park of the Democratic Republic of Congo which takes 122 kilometers and only 2 hours driveway. The Kamembe town is also a starting point for the most popular Congo Nile Trail which makes it to be the best place for visitors who are interested in hiking. All these tourist attractions in Kamembe town have also improved the standard of living for the local members through collecting some revenue.

Bisesero village is not well known but it is among the best attraction in shaping the tourism industry around Nyungwe forest national park of Rwanda because of its background. Bisesero village is good for breathing scenery and also for dramatic genocide memorial. Other villages near the Nyungwe forest are Butare village and the Rusizi district. You can also visit Iby’ Iwacu village in Rwanda with the greatest cultural community encounter and get to know more stories about ex-gorilla poachers.

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