Nyero rocks In Uganda.

Nyero Rock paintings have many amazing sights and sites in Uganda.

Nyero rocks In Uganda.

Nyero rocks in Uganda- Nyero is among the best important rock art sites not only in Uganda but in other parts of Africa. Its preserved rock paintings are good to use in the study of rock art.

Nyero rocks

In 1945 is when this site was discovered by C.A.E Harwich. The Nyero was the first rock art site to be classified and described in full within Uganda. These rocks are composed of granite which is less than 40m high. There are two areas of the site which are considered to be shelters that is Nyero 2 is much larger with a 16m overhang and it is where the most rock paintings found and Nyero 1 is a small one with a small overhang of about 2m.

Nyero 1

Nyero 1 has a small portion of rock paintings that are similar to the one at Nyero 2. The rocks at Nyero 1 have several concentric circles and all the paintings are white, no red here as it is in Nyero 2. These paintings suggest that there were several periods of painting

Nyero 2

The highest group of paintings covers a panel of about 13.5m long and 6m broad. Because weathering has occurred most of the vertical paintings have taken away by water coming down the face of the rock and Vandalism has also done a great part in reducing these paintings. Its concentric circles make it to be the main and large panel of paintings, of which it has 47 concentric circles that have been counted with different sizes like some have 75cm others 8 cm.

Each concentric circular pattern has 3-7 circles. There is also a canoe shape on site, and the longest has like 2 meters when it was fully intact. These canoes have different size like some are more rounded and others are more angular, other traditional shapes are also present such as dashes, dots, and u-shaped drawings

The symbolism of the art on Nyero rocks

The symbolism behind these rocks art has been debated for a long time. Several different theories may be discussed keeping in mind there is no way to prove any of the theories. There is one problem when trying to interpret these paintings if these rock paintings depict humans or animals rock paintings in Uganda, it is not easy to explain. Being abstract makes it challenging to understand what the creators were trying to convey

These are some of the theories about rock paintings. The concentric circles show that the rays have been associated with the chief. This makes the disagreement that how these sun-shapes are connected with chief figures. It is defined as the same thing as a concentric circle, is considered a symbol for chiefs.

Another interpretation is based on the theory that pygmies created rock art. According to that theory, many interpretations have been created based on astronomy of the pygmy culture. There is also another theory that these paintings were associated with some kind of ritual. These theories are based on pure interpretation but none of them is proven.

On your safari to the Eastern part of Uganda get like 2 hours or more and reciting the history of these mystic rock art paintings. Where you will get a chance to explore more about them as well as having an amazing experience. You will also learn more about the 3 caves around the landmark.

Nyero Rock paintings have many amazing sights and sites in Uganda. You have to take care when you’re walking at Nyero. These rocks are used to be slippers in the rainy seasons, but after climbing up onto the top of the shelter, you will see some great views of the surrounding area also see few monkeys, some birds, and a few reptiles.

After visiting Eastern parts of Uganda, you can also plan a visit to Western Uganda and get an opportunity to gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park where you will explore more about these shy primates or you can go to Murchison falls national park and take a boat cruise on river Nile where you will see various water wildlife animals like hippos, crocodiles and many more or you can do a game drive and view a lot of wildlife animals such as buffaloes, giraffes,  Uganda kob, hippos plus countless bird species.

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