Budget Sport Fishing Safaris In Uganda

Fishing in Uganda is an amazing experience basing on the species of fish that tourists always go for during their fishing safari.

Budget Sport Fishing Safaris On The Nile In Murchison Falls Uganda

Are you interested in budget sport fishing safaris on the Nile in Murchison Falls Uganda? Are you looking for budget travel and always wondering if you can get a chance to go to catch for one of the largest freshwaters like Nile perch on the Nile River in Murchison falls? Africa Adventure Vacations is always available for all travelers of different classes that are from Budget, Mid-range and Luxury travelers.

Fishing in Uganda is an amazing experience basing on the species of fish that tourists always go for during their fishing safari. Most anglers are always lookout for the giant Nile perch, Vundu catfish and Sudan catfish that form part of the larger fish as well as the small fish such as a worker, tiger fish, yellow fish and tilapia fish can also be caught on spins.

Important information about budget sport fishing safaris in Uganda.

Budget fishing safari in Uganda is also deal with other services such as transport, boat fishing fee and accommodation, the following is what you need to know if you want to book a budget Uganda sport fishing safari as below;

Anglers fish both on the boat and the shore: Anglers can drive to the top of the falls and fish from the shore though it is not easy, there are two pools below the falls which include the baker’s rock and devil’s cauldron which is good for Lure fishing and tourists are only required to pay the permits for park entrance fees and guide only.

Clients bring their Equipment: To make budget fishing safari excellent, anglers have to bring their fishing equipment and this can help to reduce the price of the boat making

Clients provide their Lunch: Do not worry lunches will be provided on the day of fishing and anglers will order lunch from the restaurant of the campsite or you can bring your lunch.

Water is provided: Anglers have to carry their drinks during the fishing trip apart from the drinking water which is provided by Africa Adventure Vacations since it is a part of the tour package. 

Tour transport is using a 4×4 van: According to this tour package using a 4 x4 safari van is best and cheaper if compared to the 4×4 jeeps since the vehicle is not used all the time during fishing activity.

Tour accommodation is by Camping: Comfortable tents for anglers are available for those who want to go budget plus meals at the main restaurant, where you will camp from or there are also cooking options can be provided depending on your request.

Where does the budget sport fishing safaris in Uganda take place?

The Budget fishing safari in Uganda can take place in Murchison falls national park and Jinja but on Lake Victoria is impossible because the type of boat needed and the distance to the fishing spots make it difficult to get a fishing safari on a budget.

When is the best time for budget sport fishing safaris in Uganda?

The best time for fishing safari in Uganda starts from June-August and December-February when the country receives its dry season and there is less floating rubbish on the surface of the water which makes fishing excellent as well as helping anglers to record good catches on their fishing safari.

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