Nyamabuye Lookout In Akagera National Park

Nyamabuye outlook is one of the remarkable areas to visit while on your safari in Rwanda.

Nyamabuye Lookout In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Where is Nyamabuye lookout In Akagera national park located? Nyamabuye lookout is located inside Akagera in the eastern part of Rwanda. A tour to Nyamabuye is a good chance for you not only to see the wildlife around the park but also the beautiful scenery in the park. Nyamabuye look out meanders over a mountain ridge that allows tourist both sides, beautiful rolling hills on the western side with the views of the beautiful lakes and papyrus extending into Tanzania on the east. Take your time, because some portions of the road need a very slow speed, turning the car over boulders and rocks.

From Akagera national park reception, you continue to Karenge bush camp and this might take you about 4 – 6 hours but this depends on the nature of the road. From Karenge bush camp, you drive to Nyamabuye. Whereas this route has less wild animals and birds unlike the other which is worth exploring with beautiful sceneries. Nyamabuye takes you through a wander of its supernatural mountain ridge getting you the finest view of its rolling green hills on the western part.

What to see and do around Nyamabuye lookout

Nyamabuye lookout gets tourists not only the best breathtaking lake landscape that extends to cover the parts of Tanzania on the east but also a chance to see animals such as buffaloes, zebras, impalas, topis, water bucks, rhinos and many others. After your amazing safari experience, you can decide to dip yourself in one of the swimming pools of the safari lodges to cool down your body including Akagera game lodge. With no doubt, Nyamabuye outlook is one of the best sites to embark on guided game drive tour in Akagera national park.

Nyamabuye outlook is one of the remarkable areas to visit while on your safari in Rwanda. A trip along Nyamabuye lookout rewards you with beautiful sights of different wildlife species and also the stunning views of the rolling hills, beautiful lakes, papyrus swamps and many others.

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