Lake Hago In Rwanda

Lake Hago is located in the eastern province of Rwanda in Akagera national park.

Lake Hago In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Lake Hago is located in the eastern province of Rwanda in Akagera national park. Lake Hago is at an estimated terrain elevation of 1285m above sea level. The lake is surrounded by other small lakes inside Akagera national park such as Lake Gishanju and Lake Kivumba. The Nyampiki peninsular runs in between Lake Kivumba and Lake Hago thus backing up survival of both aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna in the park.

Akagera national park is naturally blessed with a number of small lakes such as Lake Ihema, Lake Murambi, lake Murambya, Lake Shakani and Lake Birengero located in the south of Akagera national park supporting large numbers of wildlife in the park. Lake Ihema is the largest Lake in Akagera national park located in Rwanda. Tourists in Akagera national park shouldn’t miss out a boat cruise on Lake Ihema where you can get to see water birds and animals such as hippos and crocodiles. For bird lovers, this one of the best birding spots and a boat cruise is a must. Boat cruises take place four times a day with the fits one at 7:30am, the second at 9am, third at 3pm and the last one at 4:30pm. Private boat cruises can also be arranged.

The northern side of Akagera national park has lakes such as Lake Mihindi and Lake Rwanyakazinga overlooking Magashi peninsular. The luxury Magashi camp is located on the shores of Lake Rwanyakazinga – a home to one of the highest hippo densities, lions and birds in Africa.

On a national scale the Akagera national park region is an important area for big mammals in Rwanda as the only protected savannah area in the country, complementing the humid forests of Nyungwe national park located in the south western part of Rwanda and the mountain gorillas living in volcanoes national park.

A visit to Akagera national park combines well with Nyungwe forest national park, one of the oldest rain forests in Africa. The park is famous for hosting chimpanzees and is rich in biodiversity that cannot be found anywhere in east Africa. Volcanoes national park is a habitat of mountain gorillas and for this reason it’s the most visited national park in Rwanda. The landscape of the park also offers thrilling hiking to any of Virunga mountains in the park as well as golden monkeys.

All the parks in Rwanda offer a great safari experience as it is a habitat to many big animal species as well as species that only stay in the papyrus swamps such as sitatungas and the rare shoebill stork. The common animals in the park includes buffaloes, elephants, zebras, topi, waterbucks, cape eland and roan antelope. Other antelopes in Akagera national park include oribi, duiker, impala, bushbuck, bohor reedbuck and klipspringer. Primates in the pork are olive baboons, blue monkeys and vervet monkeys commonly seen during day time, the bush babies are mostly seen during night game drives.

Akagera national park is a beautiful park to enjoy peace in nature while game viewing and bird watching. The park does not have all the wild animals but still it’s a beautiful park to explore while in Rwanda.

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