Lake Rwanyakazinga In Rwanda

Tourist staying at Magashi camp get to sightsee Lake Rwanyakazinga

Lake Rwanyakazinga In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Lake Rwanyakazinga is one of the beautiful lakes located in the north eastern side of Akagera national park in Rwanda. The newly constructed luxury Magashi camp is situated in the productive and phenomenally diverse overlooking this great scenic lake Rwanyakazinga.

Lake Rwanyakazinga is a home to a big number of crocodiles and hippos as well as numerous bird species inside Akagera national park. Tourists on a safari in Akagera national park should consider a boat cruise on Lake Ihema, this is the largest lake in Akagera national park. A boat cruise on Lake Ihema takes you through fringe forest amidst crocodiles, hippos and different water birds.

Besides Lake Rwanyakazinga and Lake Ihema, Lake Shakani is also another lake in Akagera national park perfect for sport fishing. Get some time and go sport fishing on the shores of Lake Shakani after which you will cook your catch over an open fire at your campsite. Tourists interested in sport fishing are advised to come along with their fishing gears.

Large herds of buffaloes can be seen near the shores of Lake Rwanyakazinga drinking water, the second largest lake after Lake Ihema. Akagera national park is a home of thousands of topis, zebras and impalas in the park, which makes them the easiest animals to see.

Tourist staying at Magashi camp get to sightsee Lake Rwanyakazinga on a boat cruise a good opportunity to discover nature around the lake.

Akagera national park safari can be combined with Nyungwe forest national park and volcanoes national park to give you a memorable experience as it’s a habitat to many large plains game species and species restricted to papyrus swamps e.g. sitatunga and the sought-after rare shoebill stork. Common animals in the park include African elephant, African lion, topi, buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, cape eland, impalas, hyenas, rhino, leopard and roan antelope among others. Other antelopes in Akagera national park are oribi, duiker, reedbuck, bushbuck, klipspringer and bohor reedbuck. The primates in the park include olive baboons, bluer monkeys, and vervets that are seen during day time while bush babies are mostly seen during game drives.

Don’t leave Rwanda without visiting volcanoes national park a home for endangered mountain gorillas for gorilla trekking or golden monkey trekking. You can as well take a hike to Dian Fossey grave or hike any of the five Virunga mountains. This has been the most exciting experience that guests have found so memorable and ideal for all tourists aged 15 years and above.

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