Attractions In DR Congo

Ranging from active volcanoes to rivers. Here are some of the best things to watch out for and expect in the DRC

Must Visit Places In Dr Congo

Are you looking for places you must visit in DR Congo during your safari holiday? The DR Congo was formerly known as Zaire. It has got a bad history of conflicts and it is not easy to accept it. The history begins from Belgium colonialists to Mobutu Sese Seko. Congo is the second largest country that this has helped it to always have a comeback and offer amazing attractions. Ranging from active volcanoes to rivers. Here are some of the best things to watch out for and expect in the DRC


This is the capital city of DR Congo and as it is with other countries, you will need to visit this capital because it offers everything you need to be offered. You will watch wonderful markets, infrastructure, healthy centers with vaccines  and museums. You will also see how civilized the country has achieved.

Lola Ya Bonobo

Lola Ya Bonobo is famous for orphaned bonobos and is among the tourist attractions that are found in Kinshasa area. The bonobos are hunted for meat and incase the mother is killed, babies are sold on the black market as pets.

The sanctuary tries to host most recovered gorillas in order to secure their lives in more safety places. The four great apes, bonobos and have been isolated for so long until the 20th century. The sanctuary covers 30 hectares of forest and you will have a chance to visit the various feeding stations and the staff is available to help you to track the apes.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

It is a habitat for Mountains Kahuzi and Biega and it gets the name from this. The park is found in the Southern Kivu Province and it lies in areas of Bukavu and River Congo.

It is also a habitat for endangered eastern low land Gorillas.

Virunga National Park

This park is known as the UNESCO world heritage site and is also known as a home of endangered mountain gorillas in the world and all they are found in Rwanda and Uganda. It also houses a number of volcanoes such as mount Kirisimbi

Salonga National Park

This is Africa’s and DR Congo’s largest Tropical Park. It is also known as a UNESCO heritage site and you will be amazed by how wonderful the species are and you will see species such as dwarf chimpanzee, Congo Peacock. You will use a boat to reach the park.

Garamba National Park

The park is sheltered with unending savannah and grasslands. They are filled with giraffes, black rhinos, elephants, hippos. Garamba National Park is a world heritage site that hosts various endangered species.


This is the park which is not easily reached in DR Congo. It hosts country’s most endemic species like the Congo peafowl, the Okapi, and the Grauer gorilla.

There are many other interesting places which are not mentioned here and good for adventure on the fact that it is a big country.

Nyiragongo Volcano

This volcanoes cover skyline in Goma which got its last eruption in 2011 and it destroyed an area of over 15%. A lava lake is also found here and you can visit the place on the knowledge of the site guides.

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