Bonobo Chimpanzee In Congo

Government of DR Congo and Conservation groups worked in hand and set up Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary.

Lola Ya Bonobo

Lola Ya Bonobo is among the threatened species in the world today. This is a pygmy chimpanzee that is found in DR Congo.

These chimpanzees were discovered in the year 1920. It was as a result of huge human activities that were ongoing in DR Congo. They include war, hunting bush meat and mining. The Bonobo had chances to be the first ape to extinct.

In order to help and save these ape species from threat, Government of DR Congo and Conservation groups worked in hand and set up Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary. It was set up near Capital of Kinshasa which inhabited the largest group of these chimpanzees and it became a protection area for these apes.

In the Dian Fossey, the gorillas have got their own champion and the same with Claudine Andre (founder of the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary) and Jane Good all.

The sanctuary tries hard to rescue the chimpanzees that are in captivity state by the wrong doers and those that are located in the market places.

Most saved chimpanzees are the Juvenile ones because they a small and are taken to be too small to be sold for meat thus being kept as pets.

Bonobos are fragile creatures and may not afford to live in the pets for so long. In their first five years of life, they usually cling on their mothers and once kept as pets, they may not be loved as they are supposed to be hence leaving them isolated and terrified.

The sanctuary was established in 1994 and it has 2 sections that is nursery for the juveniles and small plus the section of the large enclosure.

A similar natural habitat is offered here so as to ensure they feel like they are in the wild. A quarantine section is available for the weak and the sick.

Sanctuary founder Claudine André says that the highest demand for the bush meat comes from the major cities and says educating the populations in the city on their natural heritage may save the bonobo.

Bonobo facts;

The name Bonobo originates from Bolobo. Bolobo is a name of one of the villages on River Congo where the 1st scientifically observed specimens were got from.

Bonobos are like humans and chimpanzees in various aspects of their development. For instance they always lose their milk teeth at the age of 5-7 years and they go through puberty between the ages of 9- 11.

They are also called gentle apes because they stay in the society dominated by females and also resolve their problems through sex. Unlike the other species which mate on certain period of time in the female reproductive cycle purposes, Bonobos are like humans, they do it for fun.

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