Mountain Visoke

Mountain Visoke is among the 8 Virunga Volcanoes and is located in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

Mount Karisimbi And Mountain Visoke

Mount Karisimbi and Mountain Visoke are major volcanoes in the Virunga conservation area; attracting a number of tourists activities such as nature walk and hiking safaris in Congo.

Mountain Karisimbi

Mount Karisimbi is said to be the tallest among the eight volcano chains in Virunga.  This mountain is an inactive volcano and it is found on the border of Rwanda and DR Congo. It is 4507 meters high. It is found in the Albertine Rift Valley.

This mountain can be watched from Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo. This serves as a tourist attraction for the 3 countries.

When you are in Uganda, you can view it from Mountain Mgahinga and you will have opportunity to watch gorillas in Mgahinga. While in Rwanda you can watch it from Volcanoes National Park and as you in DR Congo, you will watch from Virunga National Park.

Mount Karisimbi helps in the formation of the areas rainfall. This is good area for grazing the cattle, goats and sheep because it has a lot of vegetation.

The grass also helps in feeding domestic and wild animals’ hence promoting tourism of DR Congo.

There are many research studies on going at this mountain given the fact that it is an inactive volcano. Volcanic research is being done and those who are coming to DR Congo for research purposes, Mountain Karisimbi is the best case study.

Given the fact that the mountain is high, it is very tough to climb or hike to the top if compared to mountains which are shorter like Mgahinga and Mikeno.

Name Karisimbi came from Amasimbi a local word meaning snow. Due to the fact that the mountain is snowcapped, the locals decided to call it so.

Mountain Karismbi is the fifth tallest mountain range found in Africa and trying to hike it will take you almost 2 days. As it is with other hikes, you will need to be psychologically and physically fit for the task.

Hikers like climbing from the edge of the Volcanoes National Park towards the ridge of the huge caldera which reaches the base of actual cone of Mount Karisimbi.  You will cross bamboo forest first and then Hagenia Hypericum forest.

The hike extends to caldera and continues through the bush of giant Lobelia and Senecio that has got worldly fee on it.

Mountain Visoke

Mountain Visoke is among the 8 Virunga Volcanoes and is located in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

It is 3700m tall and it’s in a cone shape which shows a perfect volcano. It gives a home to a deep crater on the summit.

For the tourists who are interested in hiking the mountain, it is simple to do the hiking but nevertheless not so simple as you may think. The mountain elevation is steep since the shape is cone like and it is quiet demanding.

The whole hiking process may take you 5 hours and this depends on the speed you are putting in because if you are slow it might take you even a full day.

Descending the mountains is usually 3 hours. As you are ascending you will encounter a series of vegetation like lobelia bush and bamboo and are met even when approaching the summit.

For the hikers, you are a required to purchase a permit which goes for USD75 per person and this will include a park ranger guide but you do not need to book this kind of permit in advance and you can purchase it immediately on your arrival at the park headquarters.

The trek usually begins at 7.00am and it starts from volcanoes national Parks to the top of the mountain. From here the trekkers will be taken to the break off point and the hike officially begins.

It is wise for you to hire a porter to help you carry you luggage and this will help you to finish your hike to the top of the summit because you will not be tired as such. A porter is paid less than USD 20

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