Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary In Congo

Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary is also recognized by the World Heritage Site as a site in danger since 1997.

Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary In Congo

Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary is found in South East of the DR. Congo in a town known as Bukavu. It is nearby Kahuzi Biega national park which is just 4 kms. According to IUCN, it is known as world’s 3rd important site which conserves the chimpanzee.

Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary was established by 2 Congolese institutions that is National Center for Research in Natural Sciences (ICCN) and Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (CRSN) in 2002 with the purpose of rescuing these creatures from being poached.

Of recent Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary has almost 83 chimpanzees and 105 monkeys but of 12 various species with other endangered species such as parrots, porcupine and turtles. It also provides volunteering programs which are charged at 500$ per month as you’re at the top of the site’s visit. The sanctuary welcomes local and international tourists. The sanctuary is found in a politically unstable region but it is an amazing place you need to visit and it welcomes around 2,000 to 3,000 guests yearly.

Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary provides various programs since it is part of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance. Many members of this alliance try as much as possible to achieve few things protect primates of the region, like Emergency response, education and research, rescue and care for the rescued species, wildlife law enforcement, capacity building, community support, and training.

The center integrates victims of sexual abuses in DR Congo due to the fact that it is a common device. The victims are provided with jobs so as to rehabilitate them from poaching. The alliance is made up with a network of 23 members who are found in African Countries and this serves as a united force which is met to protect and preserve the species especially the chimpanzees.

The main challenges are illegal hunting, wildlife trade of endangered species plus the destruction of the habitats. The programs of the center have been accessed by large audience of around 3500 people per year and this was reached through various visits from International and local tourists.

The sanctuary provides orphaned chimps a 2rd opportunity to live and it makes sure they are protected well. Many Chimpanzee families are always killed and young ones are always left stranded and national parks such as Kahuzi Biega and Virunga National Park come in and take these chimpanzees to the safest place which is a sanctuary to help them recover psychologically and physically from what they had faced. NGO’s have also joined the struggle to make sure the sanctuary is fought for. Lwiro is the best place for chimpanzee rehabilitation and sensitization to the local communities is ongoing.

Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary is also recognized by the World Heritage Site as a site in danger since 1997. The sanctuary is well equipped with around 46 workers who love and take care of the primates. There is also Veterinary team, monkey caregivers, chimpanzee care givers, chefs/cooks, buyers plus domestic aid of those who are keen to the victory of the center.

Two veterinary doctors have always been the main backbone of Lwiro since they work daily to ensure that the health of these primates at the center is put first. As there are chimps and monkeys at the center, they have a separate team which is responsible to take care of them by spending most time with them, loving them and monitoring them plus making sure that these monkeys and chimpanzees in the Chimpanzee sanctuary are attended to and given more attention.

The caregivers who are in charge of these chimpanzees and monkeys are well trained and most of them have worked at the center since way back in 2002 when the first chimpanzee was put to book. The cooks also prepare a balanced diet for these animals at Lwiro and almost provide them with six meals per day. These is not like the way humans feed, those who eat 3 meals in a day.

All the animals at Lwiro Chmpanzee sanctuary have a history of being victims for poaching and also the pet trade and the numbers at this center increase all the time. Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary has a long time goal for resettling the monkeys back to the DR Congo forests. You can visit the park to get more information about the centers program and the animal species.

Try to visit the Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary and this can be done after you have visited or even before visiting Kahuzi Biega National Park and Virunga National Park.

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