What you need to know before Hiking Mount Nyiragongo In Congo

Visitors who are interested in hiking or visiting mountain Nyarigongo, there are some few things you have to know about this mountain and are explained below;

Tips For Hiking Mount Nyiragongo

What are some of the tips for hiking mount Nyiragongo in Congo? Mount Nyiragongo is commonly called gorilla highlands and is the hottest mountaineering destination for central Africa. It last erupted in 2002 but it is still an active Volcano.

From 1888, mountain Nyiragongo has been erupting for almost 34 times and it last erupted in 2002. This mountain has the most active volcanoes in the entire world. Visitors who are interested in hiking or visiting mountain Nyarigongo, there are some few things you have to know about this mountain and are explained below.

The experience is out-of-this-world

Seeing yourself standing at the edge of a big crater which is filled with the red bubbling lava is a fascinating experience and you may even feel like it is a dream but it is the truth. It will remain the highlight of your life.

Trust people on the ground

DR Congo is a country that is big with a huge number of people, it is good and wise if you always first check with security instead of relying on only the travel directories.  Many books say that it is not safe to visit DR Congo and yet DR Congo is safe to visit and has been stable since 2012.

You do not need to be extra fit

Nyiragongo can be hiked for only 2 days and it is a bit hectic. You will go through the rocks and which is hard and you will also feel the distance and the altitudes are also demanding.

The good thing is that you do not need to do the hike in a hurry and there you do not need to worry yourself. The trek accommodates the fast and slow hikers.

It is full-board, and it isn’t

You will have to pay a full package to the park authorities but later you may feel there some few things lacking, it is wise also to have a few dollars with you to help you pay for the things that you may want and are not in the package.

Don’t think that you are on a continent that is supposed to be hot

Despite the volcanic activity, it is always cold at the top of the summit, therefore come with a lot of clothes to use in the 2 days. Also come with warm gloves.

Do not forget your yellow fever certificate

Come with the yellow booklet because if you do not have it and you are the Congo border, you will be charged $70 so as to get one, with or without Vaccination.

Mind your belongings

This is among the key tips for hiking mount Nyiragongo. Always mind about your property and look out for it. During the hike, you will have to sleep in the huts and this means it is good to be alert about the where about of your property because they are not protected as it is the lodges at the foothills.

You can decide to hire a porter to look after your property so that it is not stolen.

Soon this will be the Gorilla Highlands too

The gorilla highland program begun in Kampala and it moved further to Rwanda and it will soon be introduced in DR Congo. Because of the instabilities that were in Congo, there is a study to ensure that when it is started, it is not disrupted by the political instabilities.

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