Hiking Trips And Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park

Visitors can decide as well to take hiking safaris to explore the Morungole Mountains which takes about 9 hours.

Hiking Trips And Safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park

Hiking trips and safaris  in Kidepo: Hiking involves visitors walking in the park to explore different wildlife that they would not have explored when on game drives using the safaris vehicles. Hiking is a dominant activity in Kidepo valley national park located in the Northeastern part of Uganda in the Kaabong district.

Hiking trips in Kidepo valley national park enable visitors to explore the hidden treasures of Kidepo in sandbanks rounded by desert palm trees and forested areas. The visitors look on as the wind controls the palm forests on all sides producing the sound once branches rub against each other making visitors so amazing and that why Kidepo is true a safaris wildness in Africa.

The sandbanks explored by visitors during hiking safaris /trips in Kidepo valley National park offer excellent photography, picnics, recreation activities like sports. Further, hiking safaris will lead you to explore the Kanangorok hot spring as you be enriched with information about how it was formed with experienced guides.

Visitors can decide as well to take hiking safaris to explore the Morungole Mountains which takes about 9 hours. Hiking mount Morungole needs people to be physically fit and persistent to be rewarded with the best scenic views mixed with the wildlife and culture of the people of Kramajong and the Ik. You will navigate through a rugged forest mountain with its apex proving the stunning views of the Karamoja plains.

Hiking in Kidepo valley national park can also be done along the Lomej Mountains which can be reached on foot by hiking. Hiking starts very early in the morning at seven o’clock and visitors can spend four hours hiking in Kidepo valley national park. Following this route during hiking is one of the best as travelers will be able to see various animals’ species through stunning views of the Narus valley. You can as well take a walk to Narus valley which is just about five kilometers away from Apoka tourism center watch various.

At the apex of Morungole mountain there comes the unique Ik people. These people have maintained their traditional style of life and have preserved their culture as it hard for them to accept anyone who would interfere with their culture. While hiking, you must hire the services of a ranger guide who know well the wildlife activities, the culture of the local people, the language is spoken, and the best trails to follow when hiking in Kidepo Valley National Park.

While hiking, you will need to have hiking shoes, rainproof gears in case it rains, a walking stick for your support through rugged terrain, a first aid box, drinking water, binoculars, cameras, insect repellant among others. Dress well in good safari clothes. Visitors will pay USD30 for hiking if you’re a non-foreign resident and 15 USD if you’re a foreign resident and Uganda shillings 10000 for East African residents. Come and book with Africa Adventure vacations for better

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