Having A Gorilla Trip With Africa Adventure Vacations.

We organize gorilla trips to both Uganda and Rwanda,

Having A Gorilla Tour / Safari / Trip With Africa Adventure Vacations.

Having a gorilla tour/safari/trip with Africa Adventure Vacations- Gorilla safaris/trips with Africa Adventure Vacations are well organized to meet the demand and the budget of our clients and time as well. Africa adventure Vacations organizes gorilla tours or trips to four national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park, and Virunga National Park.

There are 3 countries in the whole world where mountain gorillas live harmoniously in their natural environment. These countries include Rwanda, Uganda, and the democratic republic of Congo. With Africa Adventure Vacations, you will be able to visit either of these countries or parks for this wonderful gorilla trekking activity.

Advantages of having gorilla safari/trip or tour with Africa Adventure Vacations

There are so many advantages of booking the gorilla safari or tour with Africa Adventure Vacations. We are glad that we have been in tourism operation for many years and therefore we have the necessary capacity to handle all the groundwork related to the gorilla safaris in the gorilla countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With Africa adventure vacations, you will meet our high caliber staff that is on desktop and those that are within the field, they know what to do, how to do it, and when to it. We have got the highest workforce among the tour operators in Uganda. Our staff still will give the pre-tour advice regarding how you should plan your gorilla trip safari adventure with our tour consultant providing you with the best travel-related information that you will find useful in your Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo gorilla trip planning.

The moment you contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations and you lets us know your desire to trek gorillas then we shall assign you one of our staff who will work with you until the time you travel to Uganda or Rwanda and the moment you reach Uganda or Rwanda, we shall assign you a well-knowledgeable tour guide who will transfer you to either Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, or Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park and Mgahinga Forest National park in Uganda.

Why book gorilla safaris, tours, or trips with Africa Adventure Vacations

As I earlier pointed out, there numerous advantages of booking a gorilla safari with Africa Adventure Vacation. Given the experience, we organize gorilla trips to both Uganda and Rwanda, we are aware of all the costs involved that we make sure that our safaris match with the demands and expectations of our clients.

We make sure that our safaris are tailor-made to meet your budget, time, and interests of our potential client. We have different safari options for budget or luxury safaris and all our gorilla safari packages are pocked friendly depending on the category of the travelers that the package has been designed for.

Also, the Africa Adventure Vacations organize the inclusive gorilla trip or safari package to Uganda and Rwanda. The means that once you have contacted Africa Adventure Vacations we shall handle all the safari packages ranging from accommodation, transport, meals, park entrance fees, and fuel among others.

 We arrange and book for you the gorilla trekking permits that are also included in your gorilla safari package. The gorilla trekking permits include those for Bwindi or Mgahinga in Uganda and those for Volcanoes National Park.

Upon booking a gorilla safari or trip or tour with Africa Adventure Vacations, then you will so valuable to the wellbeing of the local communities especially those living adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park, Mgahinga National Park, and Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively.

Africa Adventure Vacations is owned by the Ugandan and thus there is a lot of experience and knowledge in possession of the guides that will be transferred to you through informative talks with our guides.

Still, most of the lodges that we include in our gorilla safari tour are run and owned by the local communities as well as those from Rwanda that are ready to usher you welcome you to authentic Africa’s wildness. All these imply that Gorilla trekking safaris or the money you pay to Africa Adventure Vacation for your gorilla safari tour will move down in what we call the trickledown effect to the local people around the gorilla parks. We also encourage our travelers to the extent of their visits to the local community people and experience the Africa culture through community walks to the villages.

Booking the gorilla safari with Africa Adventure Vacations will help you to further foster social responsibility. We support the Adventure education especially to the community around the park since we believe that it is the right that for child and student to play and have access to their talent exploration.

 We have extended our support to children in different sports activities such as football, netball,  and other games such as motocross championship, we also extend our training service to the university students of tourism and hospital courses and thus we skill the youths and student in tourism to professionalize the tourism sector.

We are a fully registered Company with the Association of Uganda Tour Operators and we work hand in hand with Uganda Wildlife Authority and the proprietors of several loges around the gorilla parks which gives us an upper hand to offer discounts to our clients especially when it comes to accommodation facilities or loges. Please plan your gorilla safari with Africa Adventure Vacation.

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