How to book gorilla habituation experience trip from Masaka City Center

Don’t get lost just contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations for the whole guidance on how how you are going to go about this trip.

Gorilla Habituation Safaris To Bwindi From Masaka City Center

Is it possible to go gorilla habituation safaris to Bwindi from Masaka City Center?  Yes, Masaka town has just been elevated into a city status just in 2020 and as Africa adventure Vacations we are gland to inform you that now we offer habituation safaris from Masaka town to Bwindi Impenetrable forest National park. We have decided to extend our tour safaris to the people of Masaka town. In most cases, the gorilla habituation safaris in Uganda start from Kampala the largest city or Entebbe International airport in Uganda, and Rwanda’s largest airport Kigali. However, we this exercise, the gorilla habituation permits will be booked from Kampala which means that someone for Masaka city will have to first travel to Kampala to pick the gorilla trekking permits. However, as Africa Adventure Vacations, we make sure that we book for you the gorilla trekking permit and bring it for you in Masaka town as you start your journey for gorilla habituation experience to Bwindi from Masaka town. We make everything easy for all of our customers ready to start gorilla habituation safaris from Masaka town to Bwindi.

What you need to know about Gorilla habituation experience safaris from Masaka town

Gorilla habituation is the product that has been new introduced by the Uganda wildlife authority to diversify the tourism products in Bwindi and to respond to demands by the tourists who wanted to spend more time with mountain gorillas. During the gorilla situation experience, visitors will spend 4 hours with mountain gorillas that are still being habituated. Visitors interested in this particular activity should book the gorilla habituation process in advance in order not to miss out on this particular activity. And thus we encourage people to book this activity and spend more time with mountain gorillas instead of normal gorilla trekking that lasts for only one hour. Of course from masks is closer to Bwindi forest where gorilla habituation safaris are conducted as compared to someone coming from Kampala. However, the fact that gorilla habituation experience permits are booked directly from Kampala, might inconvenience you, especially for our travelers staying in Masaka. But with Africa Adventure Vacations, everything is sorted out, and thus in case you’re working for  NGO in the Masaka area, or your volunteering or you want to have a company holiday or staff holiday for this activity in Bwindi just send us an email and then for all we will take in control of all the process and be responsible for making all your reservations.

Normally at Africa Adventure Vacations, we organize our gorilla habituation experience from Kampala very early in the morning and our driver takes charge of picking our clients for the loges he/she had stayed anywhere in Masaka and you will be briefed on what to do in the wild based on your itinerary and then you drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This drive is so attractive and amazing with different scenes the will attract your attention and don’t feel shy to tell your driver guide to stop and you take the photos in case you have seen an interesting place or feature that you would like to take. The time you start your journey to Bwindi from Masaka will determine whether you make a stopover in Mbarara or at Igongo cultural center for lunch before you continue to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for dinner and lodge for a night stay.

Very early in the morning on your second day, your driver will take you to the park headquarters of either Rushaga or Nkuringo for a briefing of the does and don’ts about the gorilla habituation process. Here you will be told how to behave and take yourself while in the forest for a gorilla habituation experience. The activity starts early in the morning at around 6 am and you will be joined by the experts such as trackers, researchers, rangers, and guides who will take you and make you see the gorillas during the habituation process. You will not be allowed to take photographs this time but rather you will get involved in activities such as testing specimens, naming the gorillas, collecting samples, and making calls among others. After you have spent your 4 hours in the forest doing the gorilla Habituation process, you will then trek back to the starting point and earn yourself a certificate to show that you have successfully involved in the gorilla habituation process and to reorganize how best you have contributed to conservation efforts if the endangered mountain gorillas.

On the 3rd day, our tour driver will then drive you back for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park to Masaka but before you can make a stopover in Mbarara for lunch and if you have enough time bypass Igongo cultural center in Mbarara and buy yourself a souvenir and this will mark the end of your gorilla habitation process from Masaka to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in southwestern Uganda.

How to book gorilla habituation experience trip from Masaka City Center

Do you stay in Masaka city center and around areas and you would like to make a trip to Bring Impenetrable Forest National Park to see the endangered mountain gorillas for four hours? Don’t get lost just contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations for the whole guidance on how how you are going to go about this trip. What you will have to do is to send us the email specifying the dates on which you intend to travel to Bwindi Forest for to gorilla habituation experience and here for us we shall check the availability of gorilla habituation permits on that particular date and once we have confirmed that there is the availability of gorilla habituation permits on your specified dates, then we shall reserve for you the permit on the Uganda Wildlife Authority system and immediately we shall send you the invoices for you to pay and once you have paid send to us the proof of payment and we shall wait for about 2-3 days when the money will reflect on our bank accounts, here we shall withdraw the money and we go and pay for your gorilla habituation permits and we secure it.

The Gorilla habituation permits can only be safely got when you have paid fully in cash to the head office of UWA but for us, at Africa Adventure Vacations we accept payment by cash at head offices in Kampala, the use of credit card and through the bank transfer. After booking your permit now the next step is to book for you an excellent accommodation facility and your transportation from Masaka city to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and back. These two components of your tour will depend on the interests and your budget. In case you want a luxurious safari, then we shall book for high-end luxurious lodges, and luxury safari land cruisers such that your safari expectations are met.

Important things to know before booking your gorilla habituation Safari from Masaka to Bwindi.

You should book your gorilla habituation experience safari from Masaka to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, you need to know that it is only in Bwindi where the habituation experience takes place and in the southern region in between Rushaga and Nkuringo Gorilla trekking sectors. This implies that you will need to book the gorilla habituation experience early enough in Advance in order not to miss out. Also, you should book the lodges in the southern part of the Park since the gorilla habituation process is conducted in the southern region of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Still, you should remember that only people who are below the age of 15 are not supposed to go for gorilla related activity and a family of a gorilla under habituation is visited by an amazing of 6 people daily

What is covered in the tour from Masaka City to Bwindi Forest National Park?

All gorilla habituation experiences that we organize at Africa Adventure Vacations from Masaka city center to Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park are inclusive of a gorilla trekking habituation permit to enable stay with gorillas for 4 hours, enter the park, get a ranger. Security and the guide and researcher fee these covered on the cost of the gorilla habituation experience permit. Other items inclusive include the accommodation costs this is on full- board meal plan and the transportation costs in our 4×4 Safari vehicle handled by our professional driver guides, drinking water, fuel are also included in the costs, however, the safari does not cover insurance, personal expenses such as tipping, and drinks and also the international flight costs from your country to Uganda and back to your home country. Just contact Africa Adventure Vacations for more details.

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