Gorilla Trekking Review In Uganda, Rwanda And Congo

you’re planning gorilla safari in Africa.

Gorilla Trekking Review In Uganda, Rwanda And Congo

Gorilla Trekking Review- Gorilla trekking is an amazing activity that is done in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo in major national parks of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga. Most tourists who come to these countries always have gorilla trekking as priority activity on their list and also other activities.

You may ask yourself what is fancy on gorillas. Gorillas are known as endangered species that are found in mainly 3 countries. Remaining gorillas are almost 900 in the entire world.

Uganda is best option for gorilla trekking amongst the 3 gorilla trekking destinations.

Depending on various factors such as variety, distance and terrain, Uganda beats all the other two countries for the gorilla trekking activity.  A gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs $700 if compared to the expensive one of Rwanda which is $1500 and DR Congo’s 400. The gorilla permit to Congo is cheaper but the costs that come along make it to be expensive for instance, there is no direct flight to DR Congo’s Virunga National Park where the gorillas have a home.

Uganda has got more gorilla groups that can be tracked if compared to the other counter parts. Uganda has got at least many more tracking points with 4 in Bwindi and 1 one in Mgahinga National Park thus makes it less congested if compared to the 1 point found in DR Congo and Rwanda.

With the above said, one should therefore be aware of the gorilla trekking safari cost. You desire to have a gorilla permit, accommodation and transportation and the remaining are complementary.

The gorilla permit costs differently in the 3 countries and accommodation is between USD 100 – 300 USD for full board arrangement per day.

You may decide to use public means but it is quiet disturbing hence good for you to ask your tour operator to organize for you a private car, guide/driver and fuel and it may cost you around 150 USD per day.

A good tour operator is supposed to be a member for local tour operator’s forum and you should try to check out this. If they are members then most of the things are catered for. You may contact the secretariat of the association for confirmation on this issue.

Most tourists think of visiting Africa but asking themselves if they can get the accommodation which goes to their standard yet they did not find out.

All gorilla tracking parks in Africa has different classes of accommodation that is from luxury to budget. Tourists who wish to visit Africa for gorilla tours it is good to get in touch with any local tour operator that will gives you options of the operators they partner with so that you choose what fits your standard.

Many people who planning to visit Africa for gorilla tours the first thing they think about on it is gorilla trekking permit and wondering where they can get this permit.

The answers is when you book gorilla tours with a tour operator company automatically they will do for you the all process so you do not need to think about how you will get this permit unless if you want to do it at yourself you will have to find out the body concerned and connect with them like RDB in Rwanda, Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda and they will book you a gorilla permit then you will be asked to make payment.

After Payments for a gorilla permit then you will need to prepare for gorilla tracking both mentally and physically. You should also get in touch with your tour operator and know the packing list for gorilla trekking that you will need to enjoy this wonderful experience with no disturbance like hiking boots, long sleeved shirts, camera and extra batteries, energy snacks, garden gloves, rain jacket, warm clothes and many more.

The above gorilla trekking review and information as advised by your tour operator is very important for you when you’re planning gorilla safari in Africa.

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