How to Get Gorilla Permits

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Africa

How to get gorilla permits in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

How to get gorilla permits to see mountain gorillas when you visit Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo for gorilla trekking tours and safaris. To get gorilla permits, you need to define a gorilla trekking destination you wish to visit, and the dates you want to see gorillas. National parks to go gorilla trekking include Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in Democratic republic of Congo.

Uganda wildlife authority, Rwandan development Board and Virunga national park are official responsible bodies for issuing gorilla permits and they also mandated by their respective governments to conserve all the parks for future generations, local communities and tourism sustainable development. Tour companies, travel agents, tour guides among other registered private tourism entities are legally allowed to sell gorilla permits to visitors looking forward for gorilla trekking experiences in any of the above destinations.

Therefore, if you are looking for possible ways of how to get gorilla permits in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo, just contact registered tour operators or buy them directly from any of the above-mentioned government bodies.

The choice is always left in hands for the visitors on where to purchase the permits from. However; if you are looking for more activities in either of the destinations, we advise you to contact a tour operator like Africa Adventure Vacations to arrange a complete tour package that encompasses wildlife life sightings, Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee encounter in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo! Tour operators arrange gorilla safari packages right from activities, accommodation and transport with an experienced tour guide.

If you book gorilla permits directly with government authorities, you will have to pick it up by yourself at their respective offices or still get someone to help you out at a cost.

We advise visitors to book gorilla permits in advance at least 6 months prior to arrival date for trekking to avoid any disappointments more so during high seasons. During peak seasons of June- sept and Dec – Feb, the permits are highly demanded and they tend to run out of stock if not booked early enough.

Once the gorilla permits are available for your intended trekking dates, you will provide a scanned passport photocopy, name, and address to your tour operator. Later transfer the deposit for your safari on official company bank account to secure your permits. In most cases tour operators ask for full amount for gorilla and chimp permits if visitors are taking other activities on their African tour.

Gorilla permits for gorilla trekking go for $700 in Uganda, $1500 in Rwanda and $400 in DR Congo. However, if you are looking for gorilla habituation experience in Uganda, the permit goes for $1500

After attaining your  permit, you can go ahead and prepare for your gorilla safari in Africa.

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