Gisenyi Town In Rwanda

Gisenyi is a final destination for visitors who want to relax especially when they are done with the hectic hiking activity

Gisenyi Town In Rwanda

Gisenyi town is located in the northwest of Rwanda province. It is located in Rubavu district which is found on the northern shore of Lake Kivu. This is a good place for visitors who a looking for a beach resort to relax from and rest. The town parts are composed of coral vegetation and beachy sand fronts. Lake Kivu is shared by Rwanda and DR Congo. Lake Kivu has limnic eruptions where by the carbon oxide out of nowhere erupts from the surface and this is due to the lava which flowed into the lake from mount Nyiragongo and the last eruption happened in 2002. Lake Kivu is a deep and wide lake in Africa and affords several activities like fishing and boat cruise. Lake Kivu can also be found in the Albertine region and flows into river Rusizi far in the southwards of Lake Tanganyika.

Gisenyi is a final destination for visitors who want to relax especially when they are done with the hectic hiking activity and they want to feel the fresh wind. You will stretch out and view the Virunga volcanoes from the beach shores and you will be capable of spotting the 5 mountain ranges from one point. A boat trip is something that you should not miss out because it will take you to the Islands and you will have a chance of interacting with the community. You can join the local therapeutic massages which are done from Kigarama hot springs. The hot springs are believed to be healing. The locals usually visit these magic waters whenever they feel they are not ok healthy wise and they say whenever they are leaving they feel healed thus the originality of the belief. Kigarama hot springs are 2 km away from Brilawa Rwanda’s brewery. There are also other hot springs to be visited in the region and they include Gisenyi Hot spring, Kinigi Hot Springs, Bugarama Hot springs, Nyamyumba hot springs.

As you’re on the hot springs tour, you can also be taught about the formation of these tourist attractions and you get some history beat about the sites.

Gisenyi town has different hot spots that have amazing accommodation facilities such as like Lake Kivu Serena hotel, Paradise Malahide, Palm Beach resort, Asante Hotel, and Gorillas Lake Kivu Hotel. You can talk to your tour operator to know the best accommodation in your budget range and the one with great views at the lake.  You can have fun and relax as you are in Gisenyi town.

You can also join tour activities such as camping tour, coffee experience, night fishing which lasts about 4 hours. You also join the Gisenyi boat trip and go to the island and visit fly bats and also watch blue monkeys that live in Napoleon Island.

Gisenyi is made up of 2 borders that cross to Republic of Congo, Petite barrier which is recently closed and Grande barrier. Petite barrier is a smaller one but its border is bigger than that of Grande barrier. In fact it has the highest number of tourists crossing from there when it was still open.

Gisenyi is a smaller town next to the bigger town of Goma city. Goma city is a tourist hot spot but it is in a remote area thus it is good to know about your surrounding and this will help you to protect your property.

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