Game viewing tours and safaris in Kidepo national park

Game drive safaris in Kidepo valley national park start early in the morning before the sun hits so hard and visitors are accompanied by the guide to explore the willingness

Game drive viewing tours and safaris in Kidepo Valley National park

Game drive viewing tours and safaris in Kidepo Valley National park: Game drive tours in Kidepo valley national park entails travelers moving in an open-roofed safari vehicle within the park as they see or watch various wild animals grazing or wondering within the park. Yes, it’s undoubtedly to say that most visitor’s tour or visit Kidepo valley national park because of various motivation factors but preferably visitors will narrate how the park has an abundance of wildlife species.

Kidepo valley national park harbors over 75 mammal species with the majority of them only live in Kidepo than any Other Park in the pearl of Africa. The park has gained popularity because of its unique species predators that live only here. Believe me, you will be able to see carnivores like the cheetah, bat-eared fox, serval cat, stripped and hyenas, aardwolf among others. These live alongside the other common carnivores such as leopards, lions, black-backed jackals, side-striped jackal, and civets amongst others. You can as well spot the hunting dogs in Kidepo on your lucky day

Visitors to Kidepo valley national park will be rewarded with unique species of animals especially both the lesser and the greater Kudu, Klipspringer, mountain reedbuck, Guenther’s dik-dik among other species.  Available in the park that you can see while on your game dry safaris include the African elephants, buffaloes, bushbuck, eland, Jackson hartebeest, waterbuck, Uganda kob, warthog, bush pig, Oribi among others.

Visitors will be able to see large animals spread over the whole park but visitors can have the most amazing game viewing safaris when they follow specific trails within the park. Maybe you need as well to understand that different animal’s harbor or occupy different vegetation types and this can be seen in Kidepo with various vegetation types inhabited by different species of animals. While on game drives to locate the animals, experienced guides usually determine the location of animals depending on weather, time of the day, vegetation type or zones, the behavior of the animals, and the previous sightings of the animals, and that why it is important to hire the service of a UWA qualified ranger guide to have a successful trip in karamoja region.

Most of the visitors for game drives have to go through the Narus valley since it attracts most of the animals with its attractive resources such as permanent water source, short grass preferred by animals for grazing, and also which enables visitors to view animals even when on a distance. Those interested in lions, leopards, and foxes cat also get a chance to view them here as they tend to follow up their prey who graze always in the Narus Valley. Because of this, Narus valley is the ideal hotspot for visitors on safari game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kidepo Valley National Park’s wildness never disappoints coupled with scenic landscape and magical valleys is interesting. The Kidepo valley is one of the spectacular animals to go for a game drive or viewing tours in Kidepo valley national park. The area is dry with sandbanks, palm trees regarded as desert trees that are unique in a way that they support wildlife habitat. Game drives further is not limited to wild animals, you can well go ahead and explore the Kanangorok hot springs where you can get a treat at no price. Mentioned are few but numerous unusual features take visitors to Kidepo by surprise ranking it one of these best destinations for game viewing in Uganda.

Game drive tours in Kidepo valley national park start early in the morning before the sun hits so hard and visitors are accompanied by the guide to explore the willingness. In the morning you will gate enough time to watch the dramatic scenes of animals especially predators running after their prey. Game drives in the late evening will enable you to view the satisfied animals as they try heading back to their shades. Remember that most of the wild animals spend most of the day grazing.

Apart from morning game drives in Kidepo, visitors can also opt for night games drives where they will be able to spot animals that are shy to be seen during the day and also those whose herbivorous suit them to move at night especially the nocturnal. Unlike in birding watching safaris in Kidepo, visitors for game drives can put on in any want they wish however you should put on based on the weather, for example, you may be required to put on sunglasses, short from safaris, short-sleeved shirts or tops,  during the dry season and rainproof gears during the rainy season. You can as well carry the drinking water, insect repellant, snacks, and camera, binoculars while on a game drive or viewing tours and safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Visitors will need to hire the services of a ranger guide at Apoka tourism office and the game drive activity costs  USD20 for Non-Foreign Residents and Uganda shillings 20,000 for  East African residents for every day of game drive. Visitors willing to engage in Night game drives will need to pay USD100 for Non-Foreign Residents and 100,000 for Easts African residents per vehicle per night game of viewing the animals

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