When groups can travel to East Africa for tours? 

East Africa is open for tourism at any time of the year

East Africa Group Tours

East Africa group tours- Did you know that he who visits East Africa, visits the whole world? and finds value for money? yes, a region blessed by nature, with a wide range of wildlife, friendly people, strong and vibrant cultures, good security, historical sites, world wonders, the best climate in the whole world, well developed infrastructures and wonderful cuisine. This region is made up of Tanzania (Soul of Africa), Uganda (the pearl of Africa), Rwanda (the land of a thousand hills), magical Kenya, and Burundi; are all perfect destinations for many tourists including those who choose to move as a group rather than solely. A Combined East Africa group safari gives you the opportunity of enjoying the noiseless beaches of Zanzibar, Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam located along the Indian Ocean shores, taking a visit to Ngorongoro crater which is the world’s largest crater featuring among the world’s top seven wonders, Murchison falls which is the world’s most powerful waterfalls, the annual wildebeest migration in Serengeti national park to Masai Mara national park, the source of River Nile which is the world’s longest river in the whole world, Lake Victoria which is the world’s third largest freshwater lake in the world, the snow-capped mountain of the moons and mountain Kilimanjaro, vast Maasai Mara national reserve harboring all Africa’s big5 – lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos as well as the rare bird species (such as the shoebill, ostrich, bee-eater, grey crowned crane, African jacana, hamerkop, African paradise flycatcher, white-bellied go away- bird and flamingos) among others.

Groups that get an opportunity of having a package that combines all the East African tourism destinations will always have a fun-packed experience that leads to remarkable memories after the expedition. Some of the tourism activities to take part in include city tours, primate trekking (Gorillas, golden monkeys, and chimpanzees) limited to only eight people per trek per day, Game viewing, bird watching (to watch unique bird species such as the flamingos, ostrich, bee-eater, grey crowned crane, hamerkop, African paradise flycatcher, African Jacana, white-bellied go-away- bird, and shoebill stock), nightlife, Beach tours, cultural experience, canopy walk, Boat cruise, nature walk, photography and white water rafting among many others. The benefits of having group safari is that you save money while on the safari, meet new friends, shape your social character, learn and unlearn of some habits, have fun, and learn from other people whom you will meet on the trip.

Why Visit East Africa for group tours

As stated at the preamble, good climate, security, and wide range of wildlife should be the first reasons for making East Africa your top travel choice, also the perfect chance of tracking Chimpanzees, golden monkeys and the rare mountain gorillas staying on the foothills of Virunga volcanoes. The amazing opportunity of game viewing where you have the opportunity of spotting different mammals such as lions, giraffes, giant forest hog, antelopes, zebras, leopards, warthogs, Elephants, Buffaloes, waterbucks, wildebeests among others is never undermined. The other reason for having a combined group safari in East Africa is because of its cost-effectiveness, and the fun it comes with.

When groups can travel to East Africa for tours?

East Africa is open for tourism at any time of the year; however, the best time occurs from June to August, then December to March when there is little or no rain. For instance, watching the exciting annual wildebeest migration that occurs from June to early September from Masai Mara national park in Kenya to Serengeti national park of Tanzania, like the wildebeests escorted by hundreds of Zebras and gazelles cross the Mara River in search for pasture and water in Masai Mara reserve in Kenya.

Joining a group during your safari to East Africa.

This is not an easy decision to take by all travelers planning for a safari, however, because of our experience in this field, we allow tourists to find the most suitable travel partners for a safari, bearing in mind the fact that people are different and have variable tastes and preferences. Some we tour operators consider are the age group of travelers, purpose of the safari, places to be visited, time duration, and activities to be undertaken. The aim is to get a group that one people with likes and dislikes; for example, when it is a group of singles searching for lovers and going for enjoyments to the beach or nightlife, we can’t recommend an elder person to that mix because one party will not have fun, while the other will be uncomfortable.

Choosing your accommodation for East Africa Group tours

All destinations in East Africa have well-constructed accommodations that can suit any size of group travelers, ranging from luxury to mid-range to budget, with outstanding facilities such as gym, saunas, Bars, conference centers, restaurants, lighting, and internet services among others at very cheap prices. However, depending on how much you have, you can also select to do camping, since it offers wildest safari experience to all travelers. Choosing a combined East Africa group tours gives you delightful and remarkable memories, filled with unlimited unique treasures and wealth of new discoveries in an unspoiled wilderness.

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