Kenya Camping Safaris

The most recommended time for camping is during the dry season

Kenya Camping Safaris

Kenya camping safaris offer a whole different kind of safari experience than sleeping in normal safari lodges. When camping, you sleep in tents that could range from luxury to mid-range to budget.

Looking at the best places for camping safaris in Kenya? Kenya has several scenic places where one can go camping and most of these are found in national parks. There are several places where you can do camping among which include some of the national parks like Masai mara national reserve, Amboseli national park, and Lake Nakuru national park. Camping is the best way for budget travelers to explore Kenya at an affordable fee making them save some money while adventuring through the wilderness. Camping sites are categories into the budget, mid-range, and luxury options.

Booking Kenya camping safaris are a great way of saving as you adventure through the African wilderness. The misconception people have is looking at the budget as something way low level. This is not anywhere close to true. You can still get a comfortable safari experience on a budget. The competition in the Kenya tourism industry has made it possible for numerous accommodation facilities to lower their rates.

Honeymooners, family groups, and researchers always enjoy the endless fun and entertainment under the sky during a camping safari, the songs and stories shared during the campfire, and the opportunity of spotting nocturnal animals roaming around their territories is real, the majority of which are brave enough to enter the tents in search for what to eat. Yes, below are the best national parks and travel destinations for camping safaris in Kenya;

Masai mara national reserve

Located in the rift valley province of Kenya, Masai mara national park has several camping sites famous for adventurous outdoor activities. Campsites in the park offer scenic surroundings with magnificent landscapes. You can set your tent in designated parts of the park and sleep amidst the songs made by different bird species and nocturnal animals around the camp. Masai mara national reserve has 5 campsites that are open for public use and all these have showers, toilets and give you great views of the plains.

Activities you can do in Masai mara during camping include game drives where you get to see different animals in the park such as zebras, wildebeests, impalas, lions, waterbucks, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, gazelles, and hyenas among others. There are also birding activities in the park where you can spot over 500 birds among which include saddle-billed stork, turaco, bustard, southern ground hornbill, African fish eagle to mention but a few. you can also witness the annual wildebeest migration of animals to and from Serengeti national park of Tanzania where you get to spot animals like wildebeests and zebras and lastly you can visit the Masai group of people and get to learn about their culture, livestock, and way of dressing.

Lake Nakuru national park

Located on the floor of the great rift valley, camping in lake Nakuru national park gives you breathtaking views of the great landscape with rewarding sounds of different bird species and park animals. The camping is done in different places such as Flamingo Hill tented camp, Lakira camp, Rhino campsite, Mbweha camp, Enjoro campsite, and Makalia Falls campsite.

While in lake Nakuru national park you can go birding since the park is one of the premium sites for bird watching in Kenya with over 400 bird species. The most famous birds in lake Nakuru are flamingoes that can be easily seen on the shores of the lake with other bird species such as grey-crested helmetshrike, maccoa duck, speke’s weaver, blue billed teal, greater blue-eared starling, crab-plover, Hildebrandt’s starling, shinning sunbird, white-eyed slaty flycatcher to mention but a few. Game drives in Lake Nakuru national park expose you to animals such as rhinos, zebras, elands, giraffes, lions, buffaloes, wild dogs, waterbuck, leopard, hippos, and warthogs among others.

Amboseli national park

This is another park in the southern part of the country where you can carry out camping from. Camping in Amboseli national park is done in different places among which include Kimana camp Amboseli with a small section of scrubby grass under huge acacia trees that provide shade and home to different bird species. around the campsites, you see animals like baboons falling from trees, rhinos, birds among others. Other camping sites in Amboseli national park include Olgulului camp Amboseli, Kimana sanctuary, Kibo safari camp, Elewana Tortilis camp Amboseli, Kilma safari camp Amboseli, Porini Amboseli camp among others.

Activities to do on a camping safari in Amboseli national park includes and birding. Game drives in Amboseli national park can be done in the morning or evening. The Park is home to a variety of animal species found in the wild which are beautiful to look at. The animals in the park include zebras, buffaloes, elands, cheetahs, lions, leopards, wildebeest, rhinos, and giraffes among others. The Park is also a good place to do birding with several bird species such as goliath heron, yellow-necked spurfowl, African jacana, grey crowned crane, rufous chatterer, marabou stork, lesser flamingo, marital eagle, and owls among others.

What is the best time for Kenya camping safaris?

Camping safaris in Kenya can be done at any time of the year but the best time for this would be the dry season when there is little or no rainfall making the roads passable, vegetation thin and the routes in the park not muddy. For those going to camp in Masai Mara national park the best time would be July to October for an opportunity to witness the annual wildebeest migration to and from Serengeti national park of Tanzania.

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