Kigali City Group Tours

Kigali city tour can be done at any time of the year every time

Kigali City Group Tours

Kigali city group tours- Have you ever questioned yourself why Kigali city appears in all Rwanda tour operators’ itineraries?  Check this this work today and ask yourself what you are waiting for to make a one-day group tour around this small attractive city which exposes you to the culture, history and world-class buildings of the Republic of Rwanda also named the land of a thousand hills.

The tour takes you through the streets with well-constructed buildings, nightlife, lovely gorgeous ladies and charming handsome men who are trading, relaxing, or discussing politics, family matters, business or sports using Kinyarwanda, English, French, Arabic, or Kiswahili.

Kigali city is the capital city of Rwanda and was once ranked as one of the most organized, cleanest, and safest cities in Africa, having a very cool climate and well-developed infrastructure.

The city got its status in 1907 as an impressive colony under the leadership of Dr. Richard Kandt, Rwanda’s first German colonialist whose home was at the base of Mount Jali, which has been changed into a natural historical museum in memorial to his contributions. The districts attached to Kigali city include Nyarugenge, Gasabo, and Kichukiro.

The city has numerous popular coffee shops, world-class restaurants with well-trained chefs that give you a taste of what you want, both local and international dishes, Chinese, Italian, African and American cuisines among others. Security is very tight, drinks and Music are part of the city design, so don’t hesitate to make an order.

You will get to know the first well-constructed constructions from which Kigali city originated, forward to the increasing neighborhoods which are transforming the city and then the captivating views of the rolling hills as you climb to the top of Mt Kigali.

Also, places not to miss on this adventure include the Milk bars, nightlife, Kigali genocide memorial, kimironko market, Gisozi genocide memorial, inema arts centre, kandt museum, cafes, Rwanda art museum, Kigali city tower, Kigali international airport, caplaki craft village, Kigali convention center, and Rwanda museum among others.

Best Time To Have Kigali City Group Tours

Kigali city tour can be done at any time of the year every time but depending on what you want to do or see, December to March and July to September are the best simply because it’s the dry season with little or no rain fall, most of the people are in a party mood and don’t expect rain to destroy your safari.

However, if you want to see the different local people trading in fresh vegetables, then months of April, May, August and October can work for you.

Top activities to do and places to visit during kigali city group tours.

Truth be told, as soon as you land in Kigali city, located 2 kilometers from Kigali international airport, get immersed with in a unique place and treasures you will encounter.

Tour the Kigali Genocide memorial site

After the 1994 dark incidence in Rwanda, that made thousands of people lose their life in the Genocide that involved the conflict between the Tutsi and Hutus, a memorial ground was constructed to remember these lives, teach and de-campaign any form of genocide or rebellions in the whole world that can lead to another massive death of innocent people.

A tour to the graveyard where the victims of the killings were buried gives you an opportunity of watching some videos, listen to stories of what happened, contribute and learn to appreciate life.

Rwanda museum

Here is where you will see and learn about the exhibits of Rwanda’s natural and geological wonders, plus her history. The museum is fully packed with exhibits and well-trained guides to explain each one of them at an affordable cost that in turn is reinvested into the development of the place.

Visiting the local craft markets

As you tour the local markets like Kimironko, you will see the unusual at the city, such as a diversity of fresh vegetables, fabric, domestic products, cereals, utensils, fruits, souvenirs, notebooks, art and craft and drinks among others.

You will watch numerous locals appealing the salesmen into a bargaining session to have a price reduction in some of their products.

Kigali Convention Centre

Situated 6 kilometers from Kigali international airport, Kigali conventions center is one of its kinds in East Africa is an astonishing place to tour and take two or more photos and selfies for memories; interestingly, the facility is ideal for incentives, meetings, exhibitions and conferences, for roughly 2,500 people. There are arcades, shopping malls, among others.

Visiting the Nyamata church

Nyamata Church, thought to be a rescue for those seeking asylum from the massacre, turns to be a death trap of the Hutu murderers who killed more than fifty thousand people using the available grenades, machetes, and numerous weapons.

You will see the two graveyards where a pile of dead bodies was laid, as well as bones, stained clothes, and skulls among others.

Choosing Accommodation For Kigali City Group Tours

As you travel around Kigali city, you will notice so many hotels, guesthouses, and lodges in and around the town. These accommodations are well furnished with hot and cold water, gyms, electricity, bars, and restaurants thus recommendable for your stay. Depending on your budget, you can decide to book online, or upon arrival at the accommodation.

Lastly, Kigali city safari is a beautiful place to explore, with historical, cultural, and well-developed facilities, yet very safe and having very lovely local people who are color blind but very receptive.

Joining A Group To Visit Kigali City

Even though some people have already organized groups, such as schools, universities, institutions, organizations, and many more, out for a city tour, copying up with people’s likes and dislikes, tastes and preference might be somehow tricky, as such, you will need to make a research or contact any trusted tour operator to refer you to a trusted group for your Kigali city.

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