Lake Kivu Group Tours

Group tours are meant not only to reduce costs but also to create new friendships, and business partners 

Lake Kivu Group Tours

Lake Kivu group tours- Relax and imagine how the world thrive without the stunning beaches, places to refresh, chill and contemplate on our success and kill off stress. A minute by the calm waters of Lake Kivu in Rwanda is an amazing and memorable offer.

Group fun, relaxation, and refreshment is the ultimate experience offered in Lake Kivu after a back to back tiresome gorilla trekking experience, golden monkey tracking and hiking in volcanoes national park, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park, and Kigali city tour or recovering from a hectic week.

In 1894, A German named Adolf von Gotten visited this astonishing Lake Kivu which ranks as Africa’s 6th largest freshwater lake at the same time Rwanda’s largest freshwater lake, located in the western part of Rwanda on the borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is perfectly positioned a few kilometers away from Volcanoes National park, home to the Golden monkeys and Mountain Gorillas, as well as Nyungwe national park a home to the elusive chimpanzees

As you drive to Lake Kivu that lies in a very peaceful environment, surrounded by many rolling hills, islands, and plantations with numerous bird species, magnificent views of rare tree species, scattered homesteads, and locals with smiles faces and chanting with the phrase “Muzungu” meaning a “white person” in Kiswahili keeps you amazed.

Your hands won’t rest but rather they will wave at the happy locals. The notable areas around the lake are Cyangugu, Gisenyi, and Kibuye towns.

For researchers, Students, corporate organizations, families, honeymooners, churches, residents, and primate trackers among others, Lake Kivu is the place to visit, with all activities that best suits your interest, cool climate, stunning beaches, modern accommodations, experienced guides, and a calm white sand beach.

Let’s say it’s a group of 5-20 members, from either different places or the same place, heading for a weekend, meeting, retreat, relaxing from a gorilla, golden monkey or chimpanzee trekking, adventure or a date, the cost will be reduced since most of the tour operators tend to give discounts, you will maximize fun and strengthen the group bond.

Why Visit Lake Kivu for group tours?

There are several activities in and around Lake Kivu that best suit every traveler of whatever age group and health condition. The place is quiet, with standard accommodation facilities, nice cuisine, and charming beaches among others. It only takes two to three hours to drive from Kigali City to Lake Kivu.

What to do in lake kivu on  group tours?

The following are the main tourist activities that can been done on Lake Kivu during group tours in Rwanda

Water sports

There are numerous water sporting activities one can engage in while at lake Kivu both the lazy and the active have one or more water sporting activities to take part in, beach soccer, such as windsurfing, kayaking, sport fishing, motorboats, and many other much more. There are many instructors to assist your group where need be and also teach those that don’t know how to do water sports

Birding and Nature walks

Take part in a bird-watching exercise as well as a nature walk, where you have the chance of sighting rare bird species in the area, such as the multicolored kingfisher which is the largest bird in the world, African Pied Wagtail, Tropical Boubou, Ashy Flycatcher, Common Waxbill, Cardinal Woodpecker, spotted Yellow-throated Greenbul, African Pied Wagtail, Chin-spot Batis, Speckled Pigeons and many more.

Boat Cruises

You can participate in a boat cruise around the lake, where an experienced guide will take you around the lake, watching the different lake islands, water birds enjoying their stay at the lake shores, the local fishermen do their thing, locals fetching water, and doing several activities around the lake shores.


There is no better way of enjoying Lake Kivu other than diving into its freshwater and swimming. The waters are bilharzia free, there are no hippos or crocodiles so there is nothing that can attack you. The swimming can last for one to three hours depending on your love for the water, and the rest of the evening can be spent chilling with your drink and a plate of eatables


This is done in a coffee plantation in Gisenyi, where you take a visit a local plantation to learn more about coffee planting and processing, and here you can taste its product (coffee tea)

Choosing accommodation around Lake Kivu for group tours

Accommodations at Lake Kivu range from budget to mid-range to luxury, with gorgeous facilities that best suit all visitors’ tastes and preferences. Depending on one’s budget, you might choose a resort overlooking the lake so that you enjoy the beautiful views and cold breeze right from the lake, or watch the sunrise and sunset.

Camping options can also work as the group can choose to spend their night on the secure campsites designed for visitors who love observing what the night brings.

When is the best time to visit Lake Kivu for group tours?

Lake Kivu is open to visitors on any day of the year, with the beaches having soft and hard drinks, delicious food, and several leisure activities. However, we do advise that the best time to visit the lake should be during the dry season, which happens in December to February or June to mid-September when the water is clear and at the right level, there is less or no rain making the sand is dry among other factors.

Joining a group to visit Lake Kivu.

Different colors, tribes, cultures, origins, continents, and languages out for the same mission, is what we struggle for. We bring together people of the same taste and preference after complete research and consultations; this is because we understand the unforgettable memories got after a successful group tour, as well as the outcome of a contradictory group.

Group tours are meant not only to reduce costs but also to create new friendships, and business partners

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