Budget Hotels In Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest is always a connecting destination for visitors from Murchison falls national park and those heading to Queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi forest national park

Budget Lodges In Kibale Forest National Park

Are you looking for budget lodges In Kibale national park? Kibale forest national park is one of the Uganda’s national parks located in western Uganda covering an area of 766 sq.km. Kibale national park was established in 1993 to protect the moist ever green rain forest.  The forest was managed by a logged forest reserve but when it was gazette as a national park, it’s now controlled by Uganda wildlife authority. Kibale forest national park is popular hosting about 1500 chimpanzees which are closest relatives to human beings with 98.6% DNA but it’s also a home to 375 bird species, 70 mammals, 351 tree species and 12351 tree species and 12 more primates which include the red-tailed monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, demidoff galago, Uganda red colobus, patas monkeys, pottos and Uganda mangabeys. Kibale forest is always a connecting destination for visitors from Murchison falls national park and those heading to Queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi forest national park

Best budget lodges / hotels in Kibale Forest National Park

Kitojo Guest Cottages

Kitojo guest cottages are located outside Kibale national park just 30 minutes’ drive from the lodge to the park. The cottages are built on top of Kitojo hill giving visitors stunning views of Mountain Rwenzori and the lush green vegetation of the beautiful surrounding. Kitojo guest cottage has accommodation with desks, room service, clothes rack, housekeeping, private toilets, running showers, refrigerator and a seating area. Popular amenities at Kitojo guest house include free parking, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, airport transportation, sun terrace, mosquito net, restaurant, bicycle rental, children activities, bar, gift shop, shared longue, car hire and laundry services. The lodge has a good restaurant with local and international foods all prepared by well-trained chefs. The bar at Kitojo guest cottages has fully stocked soft, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. While at Kitojo guest cottages expect to hear different sounds of birds, and some primates in the compound. Kitojo guest cottages organizes activities such as biking, community visits and Kibale forest walks

Rwenzori View Guest House

Rwenzori view guest house is located in fort portal in Boma overlooking mountain Rwenzori ranges. The guest house has a beautiful garden with a variety of trees, colorful flowers and shrubs. The guest house has 6 self-contained rooms and 3 non self – contained rooms with private toilets, bathrooms and running showers with each room having a private veranda. Rwenzori view guest house has a restaurant with experienced chefs who prepare local and international foods which are served by friendly stuff. The guest house is the best place to stay for budget travelers if you want to explore Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee or primate trekking, wetlands, crater lakes, Semiliki forest, Rwenzori Mountains, Sempaya hot springs and the beautiful Amabere Ga Nya Mwiri caves. Rwenzori view guest house offers services such as free parking, free breakfast, internet services, laundry services, mosquito nets, board games, gift shop, restaurant and bar. Rwenzori view guest house organizes activities such as community visits and nature walks.

Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite

This is one of the budget lodges in Kibale; set near the Crater Lake and the forested area in Kibale national park the home for the highest population of chimpanzees. But the park is not only a home for chimpanzees but also other primates such as red tailed monkeys, about 70 mammals, and different bird species. Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite is an ecotourism project meaning it’s a non-profitable lodge and all the money that is collected is taken to support the local community so as to improve their livelihoods and support the natural environment. The lodge is built inside Kibale national park meaning there are chances of seeing monkeys, mammals and different bird species on the campsite compound. The accommodation here is provides in a camping setting with a shared bathroom which has hot and cold waters and flushing toilets. Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite give you stunning views of the Rwenzori mountain ranges. Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite offers services such as free parking, restaurant, bar, laundry services and breakfast.  Lake Nkuruba nature reserve and community campsite organizes guided nature walks in Nkuruba forest, crater lakes, top of the world, waterfall trek and Rwenzori trek. They also organize exploring volcanic crater lakes and chimpanzee trekking in the bear by Kibale Forest National Park, cultural tours where you choose a night to spend with a local people family and taste their traditional food.

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