Crater Lakes Of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Crater lakes are found along the crater trails in western Uganda shading the map of Queen Elizabeth national park

Crater Lakes Of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is located in southwestern Uganda with a number of crater lakes such as Bunyaruguru craters, Ndali Kasenda, Katwe Crater Lake; destined in Kasese, Rukungiri, Rubirizi, and Kamwenge districts. The national park was gazette in 1952 as Kazinga channel and renamed to Queen Elizabeth National Park in 1954 after Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a home of 95 mammal species, 600 birds, and some primate species on an area of 1978 sq. km

Crater lakes are found along the crater trails in western Uganda shading the map of Queen Elizabeth national park with dots although the Crater Lake trail covers Kibale National Park as well and the foothills of Mountain Rwenzori. These crater lakes are formed from extinct volcanoes and are located on the northern side of Mweya safari lodge.

There are a lot of tourist activities that can be done within the crater lakes region of Katwe i.e. hiking, nature walks, biking, game drives,  boating and fishing among others. Although crater lakes are defined as extinct there are some still ejecting some bad smell sulfurous gases, so any time there might happen an eruption. Queen Elizabeth has three major crater lakes that are is Katwe Crater Lake where salt is excavated, Bunyaruguru Crater Lake on Kichwamba escarpment, and Ndali Kasenda Crater Lake near Kibale National Park.

How craters were formed in Queen Elizabeth National park?

The volcanic craters of Queen Elizabeth National Park are a result of earlier volcanic activities. About 7000 years ago. The crater lakes are true results of violent volcanic activities on an extinct volcano. Crater lakes are formed when molten rock is also known as lava, with a lot of blows off the surface of an extinct volcano and a lot of pressure. The lava with ashes blew further away from the vent forming a large basin instead of forming a volcanic cone.

The tour around crater lakes of Kibale National Park is an interesting one that everybody never wants to miss out on. There are so many activities to be done at crater lakes that you can add to your Queen Elizabeth package and these include;

Katwe Crater Lake in Queen Elizabeth National Park: Katwe Crater Lake is situated in the northern direction of Mweya peninsular presenting the high elevation points within the park. The drive to Katwe Crater Lake is 27km long from Kabatoro gate and queens pavilion, here you will have a clear view of Queen Elizabeth national park from hills to the vegetation cover around the hills to vegetation cover. You can also have a look at animals i.e. cape buffaloes, elephants, warthogs among others.

While t Katwe Crater Lake you will have a view of the Rwenzori Mountains, western rift valley and its escarpments, Lake George and Lake Edward as well as Kazinga Channel which connects these two lakes. You will also see the salt mining process at Katwe salt lake, the stories by miners will expose you to true African ways and you will as well love the Kitagata salt lake and Kitagata hot springs.

Bunyaruguru craters in Queen Elizabeth National Park: These are located south of Lake George and they have got both saline and freshwater crater lakes. Bunyaruguru crater lakes are found on the west side of Queen Elizabeth national park, the crater lake is also known as Kichwamba crater fields. Bunyaruguru has over 20 craters and these are found in the Kichwamba escarpment of the western rift valley. So many crater lakes in Bunyaruguru are filled with vegetation however Lake Nkugute is filled with water and it’s well viewed along Kasese Mbarara high way. While at Lake Nkugute will see the Forest of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ndali Kasenda crater field in Queen Elizabeth National Park: Ndali Kasenda crater field is another volcanic area in Queen Elizabeth National Park. You can see the crater lakes in the Ndali Kasenda area on foot stretching from Kibale to the fort portal and you can also enjoy biking along crater trails of Ndali Kasenda.

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