Birding safaris and tours in Kidepo Valley National Park

Bird watching safaris in Kidepo national park costs 30USD and Uganda shillings 10000 for East African citizens

Birding safaris and tours in Kidepo Valley National Park

Birding safaris and tours in Kidepo Valley National Park: Kidepo valley national park is semi-arid park with open savannah grasslands, woodland, palm forest tress at the edge of the Kidepo valley and a couple of montane forest in the highland areas. During the rainy season, the park is covered by highly rejuvenated swamps, wetland and marsh with green vegetation covering the whole park.

On the other hand during the dry season, some of the vegetation especially plants wither, there is high temperatures, dust and some of the green cover is replaced by patches that be seen on the ground. The vegetation species presented in both dry and wet season has own birds species that enjoy the different wealth and climatic conditions. Kidepo Valley national park harbors over 450 species of birds. The have has fifty recorded prey birds of which majority are only found in this park and it’s because of this reason that Kidepo is regarded as an important Birding Area not only in Uganda but in Africa as well. Most of the birding species include ostrich6es, secretary birds, Kori bustard among others.

Bird watching safaris or trips in Kidepo Valley national park commences at Apoka tourism office where by the visitors is picked up by the experienced ranger guide who will accompany the visitor the bird watching expedition. The tour guide is crucial as he knows the areas very well including topography, terrain, the trails to follow and also can help you identify and name the birds by just their sounds and even when they are in a distance.

The areas surrounding the Apoka tourism office is characterized by short grasses and wide open with a few trees scattered all over the place and makes it convenient for any visitor to spot birds. The sandbanks of Kidepo characterized by palm forest trees and woodlands have provided unique habitat for unique birding species that can only be sighted Kidepo valley national park. Some of these bird species include the secretary birds, ostriches the ostrich, secretary bird, Kori bustard, among many others. The outside park montane forests of Morungole Mountain range are crucial when it comes to movement of birds and habitat distribution in Kidepo valley national park.

Visitors for birding watching safaris in Kidepo valley National park are compelled to wake up early in the morning since the activity commences early before the temperatures become too hot to be manageable to walk through the wildness to explore the magnificence of Kidepo Valley National Park.  Visitors for bird watching safaris in Kidepo will need to put on a good attire that will not compromise their experience. A tip of what you should put on while on bird watching trip may be not limited to include sun glasses, hut,  a pair of pair of trousers tucked in strong socks, , and rain protective gears just in case it rains.

You will need to pack drinking waters and snacks from your hotel, birding equipment such as camera, binoculars, birders guiding list, insect repellant, first aid kit map and others. Bird watching safaris in Kidepo national park costs 30USD and Uganda shillings 10000 for East African citizens. Visitors are mandatory required to move with ranger guides in Kidepo valley National park whenever they are going for bird watching safaris.

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