Bird Akagera National Park

Bird watching in Akagera national park is done through put the year

Bird Species In Akagera National Park.

Bird species in Akagera national park Rwanda- Birds of Akagera national park stay in and around the lakes woodlands and savannah. The birds are of different species, unique colors, different sizes and shapes easy to see on a birding safari in Rwanda. If you a good birder you have chances of seeing more than a half of the recorded bird species in the park. some of the birds to see in Akagera national park include eastern grey plantain eater, blue checked bee eater, crowned lawping, grey backed fiscal, white backed vultures, common squacco heron, pin tailed whydah, long tailed cormorant, red billed fire finch, osprey, spur winged goose, African darter, goliath heron, grey crowned crane, marabou stork, helmeted guinea fowl, woodland kingfisher, cattle egret, little bee eater, long created eagle, palm nut vulture, African grey hornbill, white faced whistling duck, saddle billed stork, fork tailed drongo, white browed coucal, lilac breasted roller, black headed weaver, African jacana to mention but a few.

Akagera national park is famous for hosting the big 5 animals but it’s also a home for over 525 bird species. Akagera national park is located in north eastern Rwanda covering an area of 1,122 sq. km on the borders with Tanzania. It was gazette in 1934 to protect flora and fauna. With over 525 bird species, Akagera national park is along the best birding sites so anyone planning to visit Rwanda can visit the park for a memorable time.

A variety of birds are seen along lake Ihema, the best way is to get a boat cruise with a well experienced bird guide walk the Nile, do guided game drives, nature walk and others. Other things to see in Akagera national park apart from birds include the big 5 animals – lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants as well as zebras, duikers, impalas, topis, hyenas, giraffes and many more.

Best time to go birding in Akagera national park

Bird watching in Akagera national park is done through put the year. The good thing with Akagera national park is that every season comes with different bird species. There is the dry season which happens in the month of June and ends in September then again in December to February and this season comes with amazing bird sights like that of francolins and many wetland birds, nightjars and owls. The wet season most especially around October is good for you to see out lawpings and many grassland avifaunal species. From the month of February to July is a breeding period for many of the darters, storks, herons, cormorants whereas many migratory birds visit Akagera national park from November to April.

Birding elsewhere in Rwanda is very interesting especially in the massif volcanoes national park found in the northwestern part of Rwanda. Bird watching in volcanoes national park gives birders a chance to see over 300 bird species that have been so far recorded inside the park. Nyungwe forest national park found in the south western side of Rwanda is also a good birding spot in Rwanda.

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