Nyungwe Forest National Park In Rwanda

Rwanda is the best and remarkable destination with many other parks

About Nyungwe Forest National Park In Rwanda

Nyungwe forest national park is found in Rwanda and it is among the oldest tropical rain forests in Africa. The park is well known as a home of Chimpanzee and its biodiversity cannot be found anywhere in Rwanda as well as the entire part of East Africa.

Nyungwe forest national park is the most popular national park in Rwanda with wildlife, including the unique Chimpanzees and other 12 primate species including the L’Hoest’s monkey endemic to the Albertine Rift, and numerous beautiful bird species.

The park is mostly known as the best place for chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, of which every tourist to Nyugwe forest national park does not want to miss out on this amazing experience within the park.  Nyungwe forest is commonly known as the best place for Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is complimented with a Canopy walk experience which is an interesting activity that gives visitors the dazzling new perspective of the oldest rain forest.

Canopy Walkway is done through Nyungwe Forest National park is so unique and found in East Africa. The canopy walkway is about 60 meters above the forest floor. It is between giant canopies that have amazing views of the living forest which is occupied with primates.

Nyungwe forest national park is the best option among other national parks in Rwanda for bird lovers. The park hosts about 322 bird species including the Red-collared Babbler plus 29 Albertine Rift Endemic species. There are also Over 120 butterfly species in Nyungwe national park which makes the park a beautiful nature for watching. The trail through the park floor as a bird song accompanies your every step, with your professional guide interpret and identifies you the name for birds.

Nyungwe national park has a wide collection of about 76 mammals which including the Congo clawless otter, mongoose, Cerval cat, and leopard among others.

Most tourists who are exploring Nyungwe Forest National Park always dedicate a week or they only sample some of the 15 trails that make the walk so interesting and exciting.

You may decide to take the Umugote trail that has moderate inclines which have various fascinating views of several stunning ridges.  Monkeys and birds are always sighted from the Umugote trail and you will also be able to spot tree frogs and swirls of the so brightly colored butterflies,

Another one can decide to take the famous Isumo trail which has got the biggest waterfall in Nyungwe forests. The waterfall is seen pouring down to form beautiful plumes of mist which are seen above the rocky river that is surrounded by the ferns. The Isumo trail is still such an amazing view that offers a view of Lake Kivu and DR Congo.

You can stay at One & Only Nyungwe House the most top-end safari lodge in a new luxury where tourists get an opportunity to view the beautiful nature of the park as well as wildlife viewing in a luxury style.

Rwanda is the best and remarkable destination with many other parks like Volcanoes national park which is a famous place for the mountain gorilla, of which most of the tourists visit Rwanda mainly for gorilla trekking and Akagera national park is an enchanting home of wildlife game safari for the big 5 as well as a boat trip on Lake Ihema which attract a lot of tourists in Akagera national park.

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