Filming Cape Buffaloes

Uganda is one of the best destinations in Africa with diversified species of wildlife and culture.

Best Places For Filming Cape Buffaloes In Uganda

Best places for filming cape buffaloes in Uganda- Uganda is one of the best destinations in Africa with diversified species of wildlife and culture. Uganda is famous for primate safaris, cultural safaris, and game watching. There different places of interest in Uganda where the primate and animal species do live in their natural environment providing the best scenes for the visitors and quality film production for the filming companies.

Uganda has ten National Nation Park each with its unique diversity in terms of vegetation, species composition, and experience.

The caped buffaloes are found in most of the national parks that include Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Toro, and Semuliki wildlife reserve, and Kidepo valley national park. All these places have got large herds of caped buffaloes which provides the best insights for the filming makers and production companies to produce good quality films. Among all the National Parks sighted, Kidepo valley national park is the wonder of the world when it comes to filming caped buffaloes.

There are herds of buffaloes that can be seen in Kidepo valley National Park especially in the Narus Valley which provides you with quality filming. At Africa Adventure Vacations, we are here to provide you with the best cape buffaloes filming destinations in Uganda, the cost of filming the caped buffaloes, and other related information such as media accreditation, kit clearing, and booking for you the lodges, where you can stay while filming as well as transportation into the cape buffalo filming please or National Parks in Uganda. Now, I discuss the best filming locations for cape buffaloes in Uganda;

Filming caped buffaloes in Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Uganda found in western Uganda. The park is diverse and it is believed to have large herds of capped buffaloes that can be easily filmed. Queen Elizabeth National park has got a lot of the big four animals which include the African caped buffalo, the African elephant, leopards, and lions. The fact that Queen Elizabeth is a savannah park, offers opportunities for the visitors to have a clear view of the wildlife within the park.

Arranging the filming adventure by any filming company of caped buffaloes in Queen Elizabeth National Park is really rewarding. Queen Elizabeth National park is surrounded by several watersports within the park and this attracts large populations of animals especially during the heavy sunshine including the buffaloes and this gives a clear insight for the filming fanatic.

Most of the caped buffaloes in Queen Elizabeth National Park are found along the Kazinga channel in Mweya peninsular in the northern sector of the park, they can also be filmed when on the riverine banks of Ishasha and Kyambura rivers and then in Kasenyi plains. Buffaloes can also be found within the cater lakes found in the park especially on the shores of Lake Edward and gorge, lake Nyamusingiri, Nyamunuka, and other areas.

In Queen Elizabeth National Park, some of the buffaloes can be found moving alone especially the male caped buffaloes that have been chased away from the herd because of old age, while others are seen in large herds including the calves, and because of this, we record you to do caped buffaloes in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Other than the caped buffaloes, you can as well film other species such as burden mongoose in Queen Elizabeth National Park, elephants, lions, leopards among others. Filming of caped buffaloes can be done either boat cruise safaris at the Kazinga channel or during the game drives along with different sectors.

Filming Buffaloes in Kidepo Valley National Park:

Kidepo valley National Park has always been described as the best national park for watching the game or conducting wildlife safaris in Uganda. Hence producing good quality filming moments. Kidepo Valley National Park is found in the northeastern region of Uganda which is regarded as a dry area.

 The park has a lot of wildlife species of which most are not found in any other national park in UgandaKidepo Valley National Park over 80 mammal species of which 28 are endemic to the region with over 450 bird species and this has made it easy for good birding spots for birders.

Kidepo Valley National Park covers an area of 1442 square kilometers comprised of majorly grassland savannah vegetation providing beautiful views of seasonal Kidepo Valley River, Narus Valley, and the popular mount Molongore in the park. In fact, among all the parks, Kidepo valley National Park provides the best filming destination for capped buffaloes. Most of the caped Buffaloes in Kidepo Valley National Park are seen in the Narus valley which lies in the southern part of the park.

The Narus Valley has got permanent water source and capped buffaloes are found on these watering points especially during the dry season. Taking filming of caped buffaloes in this valley is breathtaking with Kidepo known as the park capable of producing wonderful filming scenes. As tour filming the caped Buffaloes in Kidepo Valley National park, you can also see other animal’s species including the leopards, elephants, lion’s cheetahs, and ostriches among others

Filming caped buffaloes in Murchison Falls National Park:

Murchison falls National Park is the biggest National park in Uganda and the most visited one. Most of the animals within Murchison Falls National Park are seen during the game drives that are carried out in the northern part of the park around Pakuba and along the river Nile. Remember that the park is divided by river Nile into northern and southern parts.

Caped buffaloes in Murchison Falls National Park can be best done during the game drive safaris or while on the boat cruise safaris. Murchison Falls National Park feature over 76 species of mammals including caped buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions, and rhinos which you meet along the way as you are heading to Murchison falls National Park. Endeavor to enjoy the sightings of primates such as chimpanzees, baboons, and monkeys as well as other animals like giraffes, hyenas, Uganda kobs, and duikers among others as your filming the capped buffaloes in Murchison Falls National Park.

Filming caped buffaloes in Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve:

In this wildlife reserve, caped buffaloes can be clearly filmed as they are grazing in the open savannah grassland and possibly at the shores of Lake Albert. The Toro-Semuliki Wildlife reserve has few caped buffaloes though there efforts of conservation that are aiming at increasing the population of the buffaloes. This doesn’t stop you from filming them within this reserve. The cause of the reduction was large because of the insecurity that happened at the border with Congo whereby most of the buffaloes were killed but they are noise steadily increasing. The place is also good for filming the hippos.

Filming caped buffaloes in Lake Mburo National Park:

Lake Mburo National park is mainly composed of woodland and the savannah grassland which is occupied by rocky ridges’ with forested areas and swampy areas. The park is composed of several species but it is famously known as the haven of the zebras. There are also caped buffaloes which can be filmed majorly on the eastern track of the hinterland of Lake Mburo National Park. The open savannah grassland of the park will also give you a chance to see other species especially giraffes, topis, and others.

When is the best time to film Caped buffaloes in Uganda?

Uganda experiences the equatorial type of climate that is characterized by both rainy and dry seasons with the rainy season experienced twice a year. Most people tend to film caped buffaloes during the dry season instead of the rainy season and thus the dry season is the perfect time for filming caped buffaloes in the above-mentioned places in Uganda.

It is hard to drive through the caped buffaloes parks especially during the rainy season because the parks become slippery and muddy and

it also rains distracts the filmmakers thus making the dry season so convenient for filming the caped buffaloes and this means that if you are interested in filming the caped buffaloes in Uganda then you should come in January, February, June, July, August, September, and December as these are known as the best places for filming caped buffaloes in Uganda.

Visa issues for Caped buffaloes filming in Uganda

For all those interesting in filming Elephants in Uganda, you will need to obtain or buy the Ugandan tourist visa which is available at USD50. Yes, you can obtain or purchase your visa online before your actual dates of traveling to Uganda for Buffaloes filming but it is also very possible that you can purchase your Ugandan Tourist Visa immediately you arrive at the Entebbe International Airport which is Uganda’s Main point of entry and exit for the international visitors. It can also be got from land borders

Getting accreditation from Uganda Press Accreditation

It is a must that for one to be able to film caped buffaloes in any of Uganda, he or she must be accredited by the Uganda media council as the law stipulates. This means that after you have got your Ugandan caped buffaloes filming permit, then the next step is for you to get credentials for the Uganda press accreditation offered by the Uganda Media Council. Those who are interested and they are from the local company, or from private production companies or filming companies min Uganda here should hand in their application via a recognized local agent who is in the books of the Ministry.

 This is a must for all those even who are interested in the filming industry even shortly. Applicants will have to fill the so-called form-G which we shall send you and then after filling it, you will be requested to send it to us back with attachments of your passport /national identity and then the passport photo that is put on the license form.

You will as well need a letter from the filming company stipulating all the necessary information including why there is a need for filming the elephants, which destination they will be filming, and then the identification of the team that will be involved in filming. Our work here we shall attach this letter and then send it to the media council for approval or accreditation and media card processing and this lasts for about 3 working days and everything will be ready.

How much does it cost to Film caped buffaloes in Uganda?

The time that you will spend within the park where caped buffaloes are found will be the basis for determining the filming cost for caped buffaloes in Uganda. After getting all the requirements for filming and clearance to do filming caped buffaloes then you will be required to pay 40 % of the total activity fees per film crew person per entry into the park of you’re going to do commercial wildlife filming for the wildlife animals in all parks Currently, the Uganda wildlife charged USD40 per person entry into caped buffaloes park and therefore the 40% of USD is USD16 per film crew member and this cost will cover the filming fees within the park while on game drives or filming on a boat cruise. You will as well pay the 10% fee put by Uganda Wildlife Authority as the monitoring fees. You will also need to cover other additional costs such as;

Media Accreditation feesFor you to do filming you will need to pay USD175 for the media card which is issued to you by the media council. You will need to submit the necessary documentation to the Uganda media council to get this media card and usually it goes monthly and this means that it experts at the end of the month approximately thirty days. Contact Africa Adventure Vacation for more this information.

Customs clearing fees: You will also first clear with customs depending on the value and type of the equipment or the kit and this is cleared with the Uganda Revenue Authority that is always at your point of entry and exists. At Africa Adventure Vacations, we assist you in clearing this and what is needed s you to provide us with the list of the equipment, value and then type and we shall forward the list to customs who will charge according to but usually they charge ten percent of the total value of the kit and this usually last for about two days.

The Transport and Accommodation fees: we usually use cruiser 4×4 vehicle which is hired at around USD200 or the supper customer 4 wheel drive vehicles that are offered at around USD150 per vehicle per day. All this provides once you have booked with us. We also book for you the lodges where you will stay and what you need is to tell us where you need luxury, midrange, or budget lodges. For you can get a budget lodge from USD90-100, Midrange from USD200-300, and then a Luxury lodge from USD300-400 or 500USD per person per night with the full board meal plan.

Other than capped buffaloes in Uganda, there are other wildlife species that you can film in Uganda, and these include;

Gorilla filming in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks

Chimpanzee filming in Kibale forest National Park Kyambura, Kalinzu, and Budongo forest reserve.

Lion filming in Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Murchison falls National Park

Zebra filming in Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park

Mongoose filming in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Buffalo filming in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls National Park

Leopard Filming in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls National Parka and other areas of interest such as Mountain Rwenzori National Park

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