Best National Park In Uganda For Filming Big Cats.

The African cats or big cats are interesting animals to watch

Best National Park In Uganda For Filming Big Cats.

Best national park in Uganda for filming big cats- Explore the best conservation areas such as Kidepo valley national park, Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park. All the visitors coming to Africa are mostly interested in seeing Africa’s big wild cats and these big cats provide bigger moments for filming production. The African cats or big cats are interesting animals to watch, they depend on their prey or of other animals within the wild and they are shy when seen.

In Uganda, big cats are found in some of the ten national parks that Uganda has and they can as well as be traced in the wildlife reserves within Uganda, two wildlife reserves have got the big cats in Uganda. One of the reasons why big cats are not easily seen is because they are rare and because of the Humana wildlife conflicts, the cat’s existence is threatened.

The big cats in Uganda are so interesting for you to see and film as they stay within their natural wildness. The existing conflicts between the wildlife and the adjacent communities of the population have caused a lot of tension between them and the big cats. Most of the big cats have been killed and reduced in different parks in the past few days but because of the conservation efforts, the population is slowly increasing and this is good for the wildlife filming industry. When I say of filming Big cats in Uganda I mean filming animals like lions, leopards, Spotted hyenas, cheetahs among others.

There are ten national parks in Uganda but today I have decided to bring you the parks that are best for you to observe and film the big cats m in Uganda and these include the following;

Filming big cats in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park offers exciting moments for filming the big cats especially lions in Uganda Murchison falls national park is divided by river Nile into both northern and southern parts and is located in the northern part within the Albertine rift valley. There is the slot of wonderful scenes in Murchison falls National; Park including the powerful Murchison Falls. The park boasts over 76 species of mammals that include lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, elephants, buffaloes among others.

Other than the cats, Murchison falls National Park offers another wonderful wildlife life secures including the giraffes, Jackson’s hartebeest, and over 450 species of birds including the rare shoebill. Their presence of river Nile within Murchison Falls National Park has created the grounds for most of the people to spot animals especially large concentrations of hippos, spotting the Nile crocodiles, and much more.

 You will get a lot of interesting wildlife species diversity while filming in Murchison falls National Park. Filming of the big cats such as lions in Murchison falls national park can be done in the queen track, the Victoria track which can be accessed during the game drives to film the lions.

Filming big cats in Kidepo valley National Park

As a matter of fact, Kidepo valley National Park provided the perfect destination for filming the big cats especially the lions. The park is found in the most remote areas of Uganda and it is diverse among all the savannah national Parks in Ugandan Kidepo valley National Park has been regarded as the wildest park in Africa with a spectacular and wonderful landscape composed of the valleys and the savannah plains.

There are almost of predators in Kidepo Valley National park because there are also other wildlife species especially the herbivores where they can depend on. It is only in Kidepo valley National Park in Uganda where you can find cheetah and the black-backed jackal. Filming the big cats in Kidepo Valley National Park can be best done during the dry season and in the morning or late in the evening because this is when most of the big cats come out to hunt.

Filming big cats in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park is known as the medley of wonders with varied wildlife species including the riverine, vegetation, forested areas, and the savannah plain all of which has provided the habitat for a variety of wildlife species Queen Elizabeth National Park is famous for tree-climbing lions that are found in Ishasha and can be seen climbing trees known as the Euphoria tree. It provides the best destination for filming the lions and the park is found in the western part of Uganda with the great rift valley harboring buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions, spotted hyenas, hippos, Nile crocodiles on the Kazinga channel, and several bird species that can make your filming one of the fantastic ones.

Queen Elizabeth National Park includes the Ishasha tree-climbing lions and the so-called Maramagambo forest which is a natural forest that has been; left intact within the park. The park is also known as the destination of flamingoes. The queen Elizabeth Ishasha sector is known for tree-climbing lions which have attracted a lot of tourist attractions to the park. Most of the lions in the Ishasha sector are always seen lying on the trees as they look at their prey on a good day, you can as well see leopards also lying in the trees. Please contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations for all your filming arrangements for the big cats in Uganda.

Mweya peninsular the northern sector of the park is known for game drives where various animals are spotted and this is one of the best destinations for photogenic lion hunting, it is also in Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can do lion filming in different shifts such as lion filming ion the Morning, Lion filming in the night and thus there are so many chances of seeing lions in Queen Elizabeth National park. Other wildlife species in the park include the chimpanzee found in Kyambura gorge, the beautiful crater lakes, the Katwe salt mines, the views of the block mountain of the Ruwenzori that are always snowcapped.

What do you require to film Big cats in Uganda?

For any individual or film company to film the big cats in Uganda, must obtain filming permits from the Uganda Wildlife Authority and also get the press cards or media cards that are accredited by the Uganda media council. Each film crew member must possess his or her media press card. Also apart from these, you will need to pay the filming permit fee which is 40% of the park entrance fees, and then 10 monitoring fees given to the researchers by each film crew member. You will need to understand that your filming equipment will need to be cleared by the customs department at your point of entry whether at the Entebbe international airport or at the Land border. Contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations and then we process for you all the requirements that are needed for you to film the big cats in Uganda and these include the filming permits, the accommodation facility, the transportation, the media cards, and assisting you in clearing your big cats filming equipment.

How to access the big cats filming National Parks?

All the big cats filming areas in Uganda can be well accessed by use of air transport and road transports. All the highways are tarmacked except the road leading to the park gates that are not tarmacked. We advise you to use the 4×4 vehicle that will be able to navigate long distances and access areas that might be hard or difficult to access during the wet season. There are domestic flights to the Big cats filming locations and these depart from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airfield.

Besides filming big cats in Uganda, you opt to go chimpanzee filming in kibale forest national park and mountain gorilla filming in Bwindi forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in the southwest of Uganda.

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