Filming Tree Climbing Lions In Uganda

Uganda is one of the world countries with distinguished nature.

Filming Tree Climbing Lions In Uganda

Filming tree climbing lions is mainly done in Ishasha tree sector in Queen Elizabeth national park– Uganda is one of the world countries with distinguished nature. Most people up to now think that there are no lions that can climb trees at ease and as climbing is their hobby, in case you’re doubting about lions climbing trees, then just come to Uganda and see the tree-climbing lions.

I’m quite sure that for those film and production companies interested in filming wildlife, the tree climbing lions in Uganda won’t leave you behind. Imagine filming or shooting a documentary with lions climbing and sleeping or sitting on the tree branches, this is would be one of the greatest wildlife life filming adventures in Africa.

Tree climbing lions in Uganda are found in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is found in western Uganda and it one of the most visited national parks in Uganda with different sectors such as the Mweya sector where boat cruise takes place, Kasenyi plain that is good for game drives and Kasoga cultural walk, and then the Ishasha sectors in the southern park.

Are you an individual or accompany interested in filming tree-climbing lions in Uganda, then visit the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park where the tree climbing lions are found in the park. Filming the tree-climbing lions will require you to get permission from the Uganda wildlife authority and in case you want to use the Aerial filming of the park you will need to get permission from Uganda Civil Aviation.

At Africa adventure vacations we assist you in obtaining the necessary documents such as the lion filming permits, the clearing of your Lion filming items from the customs department at the point of you entering into Uganda, you need to stay while filming and we cater for you lodging facilities as well as transportation

within Uganda.

About Ishasha Sector.

Ishasha is the section of Queen Elizabeth National Park that is known for tree-climbing lions and this forms a unique tourist attraction not only in queen Elizabeth National Park but also in the whole of Uganda and East Africa. While in Ishasha, lions have often seen the climbing tree and lying lazing on tree branches up looking down at the grazing antelopes like Uganda Kob and other bushbucks.

An interesting sense is for you when they jump over from trees to catch their prey and all these provide beautiful moments for you to film these tree-climbing lions. On a very lucky day, you will see the leopards as well in the trees and they as well last for a long time within the tree.

The whole Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park doesn’t feature tree-climbing lions alone but it offers other wildlife species such as elephants, primates like olive baboons, buffaloes, lions, hippopotamus, and other species. These wildlife species are favored by the presence of savannah grassland vegetation, and riverine habitats.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the second-largest National Park after Murchison falls national park and features Maramagambo forest and the Ishasha sectors as well as Kyambura gorge famous for Chimpanzee tracking. Queen Elizabeth is crossed by the equator and it offers the best sceneries for filming background and thus contact Africa Adventure Vacations for the best advice and booking for you all the requirements you need to film tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

What do I need to film tree climbing lions in Uganda?

All these interested in filming tree-climbing lions will need to obtain the tree-climbing lion permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority and all also the Lion film crew members should get accreditation from The Uganda media council. At Africa adventure vacations we shall make sure that you book for you all the requirements for you to film the tree-climbing lions.

You will need to get this means that after you have got a tree-climbing lion filming permit, then the next step is for you to get credentials for the Uganda press accreditation offered by the Uganda Media Council. For those who are interested and they are from the local company, or private production companies or filming company in Uganda here should hand in their application via a recognized local agent who is in the books of the Ministry.

After getting all the requirements for filming and clearance to filming for tree-climbing lions in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park then you will be required to pay 40 % of the total activity fees per film crew person per entry into the park of you’re going to do commercial wildlife filming for the wildlife animals Ishasha wildness in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Currently, Uganda wildlife is charged USD40 per person entry into the Queen Elizabeth National Park Ishasha sector, and therefore the 40% of USD is USD16 per film crew member and this cost will cover the filming fees within the park while on game drives or filming on a boat cruise. You will as well pay the 15% fee put by Uganda Wildlife Authority as the monitoring fees.

Don’t forget that you will as well have to clear the tree-climbing filming equipment with the customs department, at Africa adventure vacations we shall be able to help you process and book for you differently services during our Tre-climbing trip and such as transportation, accommodation as well as the guide or call him or the From crew fixer.

How to access the Ishasha sector for filming tree climbing lions

Getting to the Ishasha sector: Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park can be accessed through road and air transport. By road transport, you can drive from Kampala city to Fort portal and then to Queen Elizabeth national park and then link to Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park which will take about nine hours from Kampala to Ishasha sector. From Mweya in Queen Elizabeth National Park to connect Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park takes you 2 hours. While from Lake Mburo National Park it is six hours on road to access Ishasha’s sector in Queen Elizabeth National park via Mbarara Kasese road. Visitors going for gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park can as well link to the Ishasha sector on a 2-hour drive.

By air transport, Visitors can as well access air transport means because there are scheduled or chartered flights which are available at transport Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airfield and then you will be airlifted to Kihihi airstrip or Mweya Airstrip in Queen Elizabeth national park and then connect to Ishasha sector using the road for the journey that can take 2hours drive.

Ishasha Sector is a must-visit sector for the visitors offering unique experiences presented by tree-climbing lions which can be spotted lying on tree branches of Acadia.

Where to stay in Ishasha while filming Tree climbing lions

Ishasha wildness has got a lot of lodges the tree-climbing lion’s film crew can stay. The lodges range from budget, Midrange, and luxurious. Some of the lodges in Ishasha include Ishasha jungle lodge, Ishasha wildness camp, Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp. Other lodges where tree-climbing, where film crew members can stay in Ishasha, include Mweya safari lodge, savannah resort hotel, and Kazinga channel lodge, and camp, park view safari lodge among other good looking accommodation facilities among others.

Booking Tree climbing filming safari or trip in Ishasha sector in Uganda

Africa adventure vacation as one of your great film crew in Uganda will make sure that you get all the services you need in time to ensure better if successful video shooting production. Once you contact us, we shall make you that we book your tree-climbing lion filming permits, then the media press cards from the Uganda media council, park entrance fees, accommodation, transportation, and all permission that is needed. Just inform us then we shall help you check for the availability of the services requested, secure and book them for you. We shall invoice you to ensure that you get better filming of tree climbing Lions.

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