Elephant Filming In Uganda

Filming elephants in Uganda is done in Kidepo, Murchison and Queen Elizabeth National Parks

African Elephant Filming In Uganda

African elephant filming in Uganda- Yes, enjoy the filming of the elephants in Uganda or make a video out of elephants as they wondering about African wildness. Elephants in Uganda have increased spontaneously and this has been attributed to the conservation efforts that have been stepped up by the Uganda conservation body. It is believed that from the 1980s the population of elephants has increased up to 600% and this is assign of wildlife achievement when it comes to conservation efforts. There are herds of elephants in Uganda that can be seen in different national parks such as Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Kidepo Valley National Park.

Where to film elephants in Uganda

Elephant filming in Queen Elizabeth National park: Queen Elizabeth National park is found in western Uganda and it is one of the beautiful savannah parks that attracts most of the visitors because of the different wildlife species it harbors. The park protects over 95 special of Mammals that include the big 4 mammals on earth and features over 613 species of birds. It is in Queen Elizabeth national park where tree climbing lions can be sighted and it offers magnificent views of the Ruwenzori Mountain in addition to several crater lakes that are scattered in all corners of the park. Queen Elizabeth National Park also boasts Kazinga channel national park which is the largest water channel in the whole of East Africa and this is where the interesting activity of boat cruise is carried out as you enjoy large herds of buffaloes, elephants, antelopes, and several bird species. Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National park has got the highest concentration of hippos in the whole of Africa and thus loos interesting on your safari boat cruise.

Elephant filming in Queen Elizabeth National park offered the best opportunity for you to produce good quality production and filming or elephant documentaries. The recent Uganda wildlife Authority survey of elephants in 2018 revealed that queen Elizabeth national park has got over 3,953 elephants and increase from 2,913 elephants which were registered in 2015. This means that there are herds and herds of elephants within the park because of the abundance of the elephants. You need to come any time for the filming of elephants in Queen Elizabeth however most people consider filming during the dry season, but the west season can provide beautiful backgrounds of green vegetation courtesy of the rainy season. Other than elephants, other species such as lions, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, and the banded mongoose can as well be filmed in queen Elizabeth National Park

Filming elephants in Murchison falls national park: Murchison Falls National Park provides another interesting dentinal for filming elephants in Uganda. The park is the largest and the most visited national park in Uganda and it is known for its world’s strongest powerful falls named Murchison falls which are found on the river Nile, the longest m river in Africa bisecting the Park into southern and northern parts. The park boasts over 75 species of Mammals and over 450 bird species. The fact that Murchison Falls National Park takes Budongo Forest Reserve then it means that Murchison falls national park protects chimpanzees as well.

For film lovers, Murchison falls national park is the wildness of it won harboring large herds of elephants that are available for filming. The park provides different other interesting species for attractive video shooting or filming and these include;

  • Film the famous Murchison falls that are strong and powerful,
  • Lions and leopards are in plenty in Murchison falls national park and therefore they can be good for you to film,
  • Film the boat cruise safari activities,
  • Chimpanzee in Budongo forest Reserve among others.

Filming elephants in Kidepo valley National parkKidepo valley National park is located in the most remote areas of Uganda in northeastern Uganda. Though it is far away from the city center of Kampala, Kidepo is one of the most diverse national parks in Uganda and it has been ranked on several occasions as the best wildness destination where you can do a safari. There are different and abundant wildlife species in Kidepo valley National Park that include the Oribis, waterbuck, eland, zebras, Duikers, large herds of buffaloes, and others. All these can be included in your elephant shoot in Kidepo valley National Park. Thus, Kidepo Valley National Park presents the best opportunities for elephant filming in Uganda.

In general, the above national parks or destinations offer the best places for the filming of the African elephants. You also do several activities in these destinations as you film the elephants and the activities that you can involve in include birding, game drives, chimpanzee trekking, and boat cruise safaris for Murchison and Queen Elizabeth National Park among other interesting activities without forgetting the nature walk safaris.

Best Time for filming Elephants in Uganda parks

Uganda is one of the best destinations with varied wildlife safaris and it offers interesting potential opportunities for film lovers. There are a lot of things to film in Uganda parks but as we have seen, now we are concentrating on filming elephants in Uganda.

Those interested in filming elephants in the above-mentioned destination in Uganda, are hereby informed that you have a chance to film gorillas all the time of the year in either Kidepo valley, Murchison Falls, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Uganda receives both rainy and wet seasons and we believe and recommend that the dry season should be your best time to film elephants in the above-mentioned national parks.

The dry season in Uganda comes in January, February, June, July, August, September, and December the rest of the months rains are common. The reason why you should film Uganda elephants during the dry season is that there are few or no rains for interruptions during filming and the grass are not all that grown-up that would obstruct shooting or filming the elephant. You need to contact us and we provide you with the best advance regarding the best time to film elephants in Uganda.

 However, you should not disregard the wet season where there are some rains, the wet season in Uganda is unpredictable, and in most cases, it might rain very early in the morning and then open the sky’s for the rest of the day or it might also rain for 2 hours or an hour only. The wet season provides beautiful scenes for you to shoot provided that there is greener vegetation that improves the quality of filming.

Visa issues for elephant filming in Uganda

For all those interesting in filming Elephants in Uganda, you will need to obtain or buy the Ugandan tourist visa which is available at USD50. Yes, you can obtain or purchase your visa online before your actual dates of traveling to Uganda for Elephants filming but it is also very possible that you can purchase your Ugandan Tourist Visa immediately you arrive at the Entebbe International Airport which is Uganda’s Main point of entry and exit for the international visitors. It can also be got from land borders

Getting accreditation from Uganda Press Accreditation

It is a must that for one to be able to film elephants in any of the three national parks in Uganda, he or she must be accredited by the Uganda media council as the law stipulates. This means that after you have got your Ugandan elephant filming permit, then the next step is for you to get credentials for the Uganda press accreditation offered by the Uganda Media Council. For those who are interested and they are from the local company, or from private production companies or filming companies min Uganda here, should hand in their application via a recognized local agent who is in the books of the Ministry.

 This is a must for all those even who are interested in the filming industry even shortly. Applicants will have to fill the so-called form-G which we shall send you and then after filling it, you will be requested to send it to us back with attachments of your passport /national identity and then the passport photo that is put on the license form.

You will as well need a letter from the filming company stipulating all the necessary information including why there is a need for filming the elephants, which destination they will be filming, and then the identification of the team that will be involved in filming. Our work here we shall attach this letter and then send it to the media council for approval or accreditation and media card processing and this lasts for about 3 working days and everything will be ready.

The type of vehicle to hire for filming elephants in Ugandan parks.

At African adventure vacation, we shall aid you in organizing for your transportation as you filming the spotted hyenas in Uganda parks. The type of vehicle that we shall offer for your crew member will depend on the nature of the road, your budget, and your interests. However, we recommend that the film crew members opt for the land cruiser 4×4 vehicle which is hired at around USD200, or the supper customer 4 wheel drive vehicles that are offered at around USD150 per vehicle per day

.This estimated price is majorly based on fuel and after informing us then we shall calculate the mileage that the car will cover up to the point where you will film spotted hyenas and then back. We can as well organize for you the scheduled flights or chartered flights that are available at Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airfield to the spotted hyena destination countries in Queen Elizabeth Park, Murchison Falls, and Kidepo Valley National parks.

The cost of the safari vehicle when filming the elephants come with the driver who knows the elephant’s destination parks in Uganda and thus you will not find difficulties with them because they have the knowledge over the local area and are uses full in providing any required information that you might need.

How you can film Elephants in the Ugandan Parks

All those interested in filming elephants in Uganda parks of Kidepo, Murchison, and Queen Elizabeth National Park, will need to get a valid Ugandan filming permit before they are allowed to film elephants in any of the above-mentioned National Park. The filming permits are issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and at Africa adventure vacation we can quickly book or obtain your filming permit from UWA at ease.

Still, all those interested in filming will have to make sure that their equipment is cleared by the customs department at the point where you have arrived in Uganda. Provided the nature of the services that we offer, Africa adventure vacations will provide you with the best necessary information as well assisting you in booking your transportation, giving you a guide, obtaining for you the filming permission with the local authorities in Uganda as well as the clearance procedures at your respective point of entry into Uganda.

Accommodation for you while filming elephants in Uganda

Elephant filming in Uganda takes place majorly in three nationals and these include queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls national park, and Kidepo valley national park. Within and around these parks various accommodation facilities are ranging from budget midrange and, Luxury lodges. For example, while filming elephants in Murchison falls National Park you can stay at Pakuba lodge, n Parra lodge, Amuka safari lodge, Bakers Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge, Budongo eco lodge Bomu women’s group among others. While filming Elephants in Queen Elizabeth national park, you can stay at Buffalo lodge, Mweya safari lodge, Park view Safari lodge among other accommodation lodges, and in Kidepo, the film crew may decide to spend a night at Kidepo Savanah lodge, Apoka Safari Lodge among other. Lodges will be booked basing on your interest.

What are other animals that you can film in Uganda other than elephants?

There other animals that you can film in Uganda other than elephants and these include

Gorilla filming in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks

Chimpanzee filming in Kibale forest National Park Kyambura, Kalinzu, and Budongo forest reserve.

Lion filming in Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Murchison falls National Park

Zebra filming in Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park

Mongoose filming in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Buffalo filming in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls National Park

Leopard Filming in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls National Parka and other areas of interest such as Mountain Rwenzori National Park

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