Africa Hiking Safaris And Holidays

Mountain hiking in Africa depends on the season in your chosen destination

Africa Hiking Safaris And Holidays

Are you planning to go Africa for hiking safaris and holidays? Yes, the best mountain hiking and climbing safari destinations are destined in Africa. Mountaineering comes in full gear in Africa with some of the world’s best mountain hiking destinations. Africa is the most visited continent in the whole world by professional hikers. When you are planning to visit Africa, hiking safaris is one of the best options you shouldn’t miss out on. The beauty of mountain Rwenzori in Uganda also known as the mountains of the moon and the bravery of mount Nyiragongo in DR Congo are very great sights. Taking on some of the climbing safaris will reward you with a true African mountaineering experience. Physical challenges involve exercising your body and getting too close to nature. Our hiking safaris are carried out in east Africa – Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda as well as DR Congo and as far as South Africa.

What you should know is that east Africa is one of the best and blessed regions in the whole of Africa. In this region, you find several valleys, hills, volcanic mountains, and great physical features. Experiencing Africa’s wild zones is necessary to the vast majority of our outings, and there is no preferable path over by walking. Mountain climbing safaris in Africa are different and offer a better approach for understanding your environment and testing your physical strength.

Best Hiking Destinations And Mount Climbing Experiences In Africa

Some of our hiking safaris in Africa will take you to the most famous destinations such as sentinel peak in South Africa, Mount Meru in Tanzania, Livingstonia in Malawi, Mount Elgon in Uganda, Mount Mulanje in Malawi, mount Sabinyo in Uganda, simian mountains in Ethiopia, Blyde river canyon in south Africa, fish river canyon in Namibia, mountain Rwenzori in Uganda, atlas mountain in Morocco, mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The above destinations will enable you to see various features such as buffaloes, elephants, forest hogs, bushbucks, colobus monkeys, and much more. Also, meet the indigenous people like the Batwa pygmies of DR Congo and Uganda.

The vast majority of Africa’s nations after mountain climbing safaris, anyway the exact types of the shift extensively between the nations and the camps. The view, bunch size, and the quality and probability of the experiencing major game has an impact – however by a long shot the most significant factor as far as you can tell is the safari guide. we know a considerable lot of the landmass’ best hiking safari guides, address one of our specialists about the most ideal approach to join strolling safaris into your safari holidays.

Hiking Equipment For Africa Hiking Safaris And Holidays

You will need comfortable clothes that you can walk in and this is simply because of too much heat while hiking and preferably carry white shirts, closed waterproof hiking shoes and socks to help you not to be harmed from bushy vegetation, a hat to protect you from direct sunlight, camera, sunscreen and a pair of binoculars for easy viewing of faraway animals. Also, an insect repellent will help to keep the insects away and this is because Africa is prone to insects such as flies, mosquitos, among others due to its tropical nature. Please read below details;

Climbing Boots

If you want to enjoy a hiking experience without any disturbance, you must not forget to bring strong climbing boots because they are important in the early stage of climbing and the hike across the glaciers and also good in the mud-covered sections of the mountain trail. Therefore, on your safari hiking boots are the most important thing you should carry for your hiking safari in Africa

Cameras and extra batteries

Do not forget to carry a good camera with extra batteries for taking photos mostly after reaching the highest peak that to share with your loved ones when you’re back in your homeland.

Pair of Binoculars

Apart from hiking, there are also other attractions in the park so it is essential to bring binoculars with you so that you do not miss out on anything. Mostly bird lovers during hiking experience you will also have an opportunity to spot a lot of bird species.


It is also very important for successful hiking like a waterproof bag in that it will help you to pack your accessories like camera, jacket, plates, cups, and forks plus other essential items as African Mountains can be wet at any time so this will help to keep your staffs safe.

Cooking gear

You can either pack or hire them at the park headquarters and if you want to do your cooking, carry your food, a light stove, knife, some plates, and forks. Or you can hire a cook for the trip but still plan to have at least the simple essentials such as knives, cups, plates, forks, and others.

Warm stuff

Most mountains are found in tropical rainforests so we expect rain at any time even though in dry months. Therefore, you are advised to pack good warm shirts and pants, also a decent sleeping bag, waterproof gloves are very important for hiking up to the peaks.

Emergency kits

Emergency kits are also very vital for tourists who love climbing the African Mountains.  This is because, for the last part of the journey, you will be at least a day away from even the best emergency services.


Most of the hikers hire chefs from the park headquarters, though, you can carry your food tourists are advised to carry energy-giving food, sweetened juice mixers, glucose packs, chocolate as well as dry porridge. Water is not essential since the mountain provides lots of natural, and safe drinking water.

Walking stick

Walking stick is also important when carrying out this activity, it will help you when the trail is slippery and muddy. A walking stick will be provided at the park headquarters.

Best Time To Go Hiking Safaris In Africa

Mountain hiking in Africa depends on the season in your chosen destination; we would recommend a dry season safari, simply because it’s always easy to see wildlife and birds when the vegetation has receded after the rains. The surface can also be easy to carry out the hiking activity such as in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in southwestern Uganda.

Well, it is very hard to talk about hiking holidays in Africa and skip the magical walking safaris in East and south Africa. We bring you details of this experience as well;

Africa Walking Holidays & Safaris

First of all, we declare that walking safaris and holidays are completely different experiences hence we are here to give you detailed information on walking vacations in Africa. However, both activities are perfect for travelers who wish to get away from common safari activities and connect to nature in depth.

Therefore, our travel consultants are always available to give you important information on private walking tours, walking trails, best walking destinations in Africa including the best walking safari packages in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana

For any adventurous traveler, a walking safari is always an ultimate wildlife experience to remember! So, what do we mean by a walking safari? It is just simple; it is a walk in African jungles and bushes under the guidance of a professional ranger and normally armed. There is nothing to comparable walking through the bush as your ranger explains the way in which the bark of one tree may be used as a medicinal remedy or the leaves of another is distilled to make a formidable alcoholic drink!

Booking a walking safari is the best way to gain a deeper holistic understanding of the whole ecosystem rather than a strenuous walking experience. Meeting a herd of buffalo or rhino during your safari is always an exhilarating adventure!

Walking safaris and holidays may come in various ways. From a 3-4 hour bush walk, to staying at a bush camp focused on walking.

Best time for Africa Walking Holidays & Safaris

Are you looking for the best time to go walking safaris in south Africa? Well, it depends if you are looking at booking a walking holiday or a walking safari. Most parts of South Africa region is characterized by sub-tropical rainy summers and dry sunny winters hence the best time for walking safaris is between May and September. However, the Cape of South Africa is endowed with a Mediterranean climate, therefore we highly recommend to for a walking holiday between August and December (spring & early summer) and from March to May (late summer and autumn).

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