Getting To Rwenzori Mountains

After reaching the Rwenzori Mountains, you will view wonderful East Africa's major peaks.

Getting To Rwenzori Mountains

Getting to Rwenzori mountains- Mountain Rwenzori is also called the mountain of the moon and it is situated in western Uganda.  It is found in the East African Rift Valley and also joins DR. Congo. The park is also found in Virunga National Park of DR. Congo. Rwenzori Mountain is the 3rd highest mountain in Africa and it goes up to 16,700 feet above sea level. The highest peak is snowcapped always because the peak rises above the clouds. UNESCO named mountain Rwenzori to be with the highest mountain peaks in the range. Confirmed Margherita peak as the highest peak in Uganda at an elevation of 5109meters followed by Albert at an elevation of 5087meters and Alexandria which is 5083meters all on Mount Stanley. Mount Speke is the 4th peak on Rwenzori followed by Mount Baker as the 5th.

The Rwenzori Mountains can be accessed from Kampala on either air or road transport means, they are all used in Uganda. After arriving at Nyakalegija where the park headquarters is found and it is where the hiking to the Rwenzori Mountains starts from. You can drive either from Kasese or Fort portal, both of them are in Western Uganda. If you use the Fort portal from Kampala the capital city of Uganda, it will take you over 300kilometers and it can be accessed through Mubende town which takes about 4 hours by road to the park headquarters. With Kasese, it covers over 350 kilometers from Kampala can be reached via Masaka, Mbarara, and Bushenyi.  Though the Kasese route is longer for about 6 hours it has a lot of en-route tourist attractions like stopover at the equator line to evidence the experiment of the equator after continuing your journey to the excellent Queen Elizabeth National Park, an optional pause in your safari this makes your longest and more strenuous day.

You can use the scheduled flight which are available at Entebbe international airport and can be organized, it will take you to Kasese airstrip which takes about 2 hours then from here you will move for a short period of about 30 minutes to the park.  The Rwenzori Mountains are divided into two departs like the morning flight which begins at 7:00 am arriving at 10:00 am and the afternoon flight departs at 12:00 am arriving at 2:15 minutes. The flight is amazing through beautiful views.

The Rwenzori Mountain is the highest mountain in Uganda and 3rd peak in Africa. With the most trending hiking experience in East Africa.  Its highest peak is known as Margherita which stands at an elevation of 5,109meters and Alexandra with an altitude of 5,083meters sitting on Mount Stanley, this altitude cannot be found elsewhere in Africa apart from Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

After reaching the Rwenzori Mountains, you will view wonderful East Africa’s major peaks. Apart from Mount Stanley, there are also other 4 other glacial peaks in the Rwenzori, and these include Mount Luigi da Savoia (4,527m), Mount Gessi (4,715m),  Mount Emin (4,791m),   and Mount Speke (4,890m),

After hiking the Rwenzori mountains, you can also visit other national parks in Uganda like game parks which include Semuliki national park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Murchison Falls National Park. Or you may go to the forest parks such as Kibale Forest National Park which is the best place for Chimpanzee trekking tours, and Bwindi Forest National Park for the most trending activity which is everyone who planning a tourist safari thinking of first and this activity is known as mountain gorilla trekking.

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