Zanzibar Beach Holidays

We are ready to tailor your safari to the beaches of Zanzibar to fit your needs.

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Looking for Zanzibar beach holidays packages from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, DR Congo, and Tanzania? Do you want to fly direct to Zanzibar for an authentic Zanzibar beach holiday?

Zanzibar is the main destination in Africa where you can go and engage in beach holiday safaris. Visitors come from over the world to come to Zanzibar to enjoy sun, sand, and water at the beach and thus you need to come at Africa adventure vacations as we arrange for you the wonderful holiday Zanzibar beach safaris to escape from the normal route work from your home.

At African adventure vacations, we help the travelers interested in flying to Zanzibar for the adventure especially for the family, friends, the honeymooners, and all those who are luxury or adventure seekers. We organize the Zanzibar beach holiday safaris from your home country whether in Africa or outside Africa and in all corners of the world. We have got the track records of organizing the Zanzibar beach holiday safaris for the tourists from East Africa in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Tongo, Spain, USA, Britain, germen, nether than who fly to Zanzibar for their Zanzibar beach holiday safaris

Zanzibar is one of the islands with a wonderful, secrete and serene environment that provided the visitors with a great history in Tanzania and it was a long time acted as the capital for slavery during the colonial period in Tanzania. The beaches are so interesting with white and proving the stunning views of the oceans as you fill with the joy of the African culture and history and this is so wonderful.

Zanzibar beach holiday safaris are meant for the visited who are looking for an outstanding beach environment with white sand in their natural environment meaning that they are untamed. Zanzibar has got different sides wall filled with the beaches about here, we shall choose for you the best two dynamic beach spots with that is filled with the history and culture as you take a walk to the sandstone town. On the whole of east Africa, Zanzibar presents the best beaches that provide a wonderful water beach experience that you will enjoy in a well real and comfortable way and thus contact us at African adventure vacations as we organize for you the best Zanzibar beach holiday safaris

Where can you go for Luxury And Budget Beach Safaris In Zanzibar

There are different beaches in Zanzibar where you can go and enjoy your Zanzibar beach holiday safaris and these beaches are so authentic and wonderful when you decide to visit them, some of the best beaches in Zanzibar include the following;

Beach holidays to Bwejuu in Zanzibar; this is one of the beach beaches where you can spend your beach holiday safaris in Zanzibar, it is found with the southeast coast with beautiful palm trees and it is the white sand beaches that you don’t need to leave and it is very accessible for the stone town only one and 30 minutes, you will be able to access this wonderful beaches proving the serene and quiet environment and it is the nice place for the for the visitors interested in peace and privacy.

Beach holidays safaris to Michamvi beach; this is also one of the beaches that you can explore on your Zanzibar beach holiday safaris providing the opportunities for you to explore the empty beaches. It is not explored by many people and it features two parts of Michamvi-Kae and the Mchamvi-Pingwe. The beach is so interesting nested with the stunning strings of coves amid coral rag cliffs.

Beach holidays safaris to Nungwi beach; this is also one of the beaches that you can you explore while on your Beach holidays safaris to Zanzibar and it has been ranked as one of the best 25 beaches in the world. It is the love life within the island and it is well served with hotels, restaurants, bars, beach resorts. The beach is full of coral reefs and it offers the best destination for snorkeling and diving you will get an opportunity to site the green turtles, dolphins, and other features.

Beach holidays safaris to Kizimkazi beach; This is found on the south of the Zanzibar that is found within the connecting fishing villages of KIzimkazi Mkunguni in the south and then Kizimkazi Dimbani in the North and the beach is so interesting and the coral rag cliff elevates front to the raised beaches and this makes this beach to have a few accommodation options.

Beach holidays safaris to Matemwe beach; this beach is good for you to explore the finest beach and it is regarded as the longest beach in Zanzibar for with nice-looking palm trees characterized with the fishing villagesThere are other beaches that you will explore during your Zanzibar beach holiday safaris and these include the Kiwegwa beach, Matemwe beach, Pongwe beach, Jambiani beach among other beaches that provides a wonderful environment for you to refresh and cool your minds

What to do during Zanzibar beach holiday safaris

There are various activities that you can do as your visiting the above-mentioned beaches during your Zanzibar beach holiday safaris. Several water activities are presented and you can indulge in the following activities and these include kitesurfing, diving, taking boat trips, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, sailing, monitoring of the dolphins among several others and these are the interesting activities that you can involve in. you can also do the forest walks to the Jozani forest near Bwejuu beach, and visit the Night Owls at the beach, visit the stone town

Where to stay for your Zanzibar beach holiday safaris?

Each beach has got its accommodation facilities where you can stay and therefore there is no need for you to worry about your accommodation arrangements and some accommodation facilities include the Baraza resort and Spa, the breezes beach club, Kichanga lodge, Konokono beach resort, ZHotel, Hotel RIU Palace Zanzibar, the residence Zanzibar, Unguja Lodge, Matemwe Lodge, Mnemba Island Lodge, Naomi Campbell, Pongwe beach hotel among other places where you can stay.

What is the best time to go for Zanzibar beach holiday safaris?

The Zanzibar beach holiday safaris are organized throughout the year, this means that you can arrange to go to Zanzibar for Zanzibar beach holiday safaris every time they feel and here at Africa adventure vacations, were are ever open to book for you the Zanzibar beach holiday safaris. Although the Zanzibar beach holiday safaris can be organized throughout the year, it is good to go to get for this trip during the dry season especially in June, July, August, September, October, December, January, and February. During the dry season, you will enjoy the uninterrupted beach safari in the wild since there are limited chances of rainfall during this period. The dry season provides the chances to the visitors for diving and swimming which is very interesting and therefore, it is not good to go to Zanzibar for the Zanzibar beach holiday safaris during the rainy season.

How To Get To Zanzibar For Beach Holidays

Tourists can fly or take a ferry from Dar-el-Salaam to Zanzibar. The ferry is only 30$ and lasts for only three hours to reach the inland. Go through all necessary procedures at immigration, therefore ensure you come with a valid Tanzania VISA you obtain on arrival, before starting on your holiday. If you opt to fly to Zanzibar it can cost only USD 60. Zanzibar international airport is located about 10 kilometers from the main city Centre of stone town. Upon arrival, tourists hire a special car and begin exploring the island thereafter. An alternative is to fly direct from the airport of Arusha in the northern part of Tanzania, though with a much smaller aircraft that carries 10-12 passengers. There are also direct flights from several European cities like Germany, Belgium, and Italy to Zanzibar airport.

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