Where To Do Spot fishing in Uganda

Africa adventure Vacations takes you through the top spots where sport fishing can be done in Uganda to ensure you get the very best sport fishing experience.

Where To Do Spot fishing Trips and Tours in Uganda

Where To Do Spot fishing Trips and Tours in Uganda? Uganda dubbed the pearl of Africa is a model destination for sport fishing destination. With one-third of the country covered by water; there is a great opportunity for sport fishing. Sportfishing is carried out on Lake Victoria and Murchison Falls National Park. In a bid to equip you with different areas of sportfishing in Uganda, Africa adventure Vacations takes you through the top spots where sport fishing can be done in Uganda to ensure you get the very best sport fishing experience. Here we go:

Sport Fishing In Ssese islands 

Ssese Island is just 51 kilometers from Entebbe. This provides privacy and undisturbed experience to visitors for sport fishing. To access Ssese you will need to take a ferry from Nkiwongo Landing site in Entebbe to Kampala and you will get an opportunity to sport other creatures on lake Victoria while experiencing cool breezes as you cruise on the lake. There are over 80 islands in Ssese and to visit them, and efficient speed boat is used which can be provided by a hotel based in Entebbe or Kampala. Besides, sport fishing involves fun and adventurous activities like bird watching, forest exploration, biking, boat cruises are available for your on your fishing safari. Fishing is the biggest economic activity in this area and most people come all this way to trade in the largest town of Kalangala and you have to experience all that in plenty.

Sport fishing at Lake Victoria

As earlier mentioned, Lake Victoria is the largest water body in Uganda and the second freshwater body in the whole of Africa. In Uganda, sport fishing can be done in Jinja – only 2 hour’s drive from Kampala (Uganda’s capital). Better chances at catching Tilapia of 1 to 2 kgs by just using fly fishing methods. Sportfishing on Lake Victoria is usually done from 9:00 am to 5.00 pm and more efficiently during cold conditions, the lake becomes clearer for visitors to sport fish Tilapia fish. Further, spot fishing at night can be arranged but not advisable to fish all night round.

Because of the size of the lake, there is no specific area for fishing.  The spot of choice depends on the weather conditions and your tour guide. You will be using speed boats 18 to 30 feet – that can hold up to 4 people. Fishing in Lake Victoria can start from Munyonyo in Kampala, or around the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Zoo) in Entebbe. As already noted, the most common fishing method in Lake Victoria is trolling with lures. Tilapia can be caught by the fly fishing method.

Sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls National park is a main spot where you can do Spot fishing in Uganda, It is located just 340kn form Uganda’s capital city Kampala and can be accessed either by use of the road or via hired chartered plane from Kajjansi airfield or Entebbe internal Airport. Murchison falls National park crossed by the river Nile passes in the middle as it proceeds to South Sudan forming two major waterfalls – Murchison and Karuma. The Murchison falls is the more attractive of the two waterfalls found in the park. The Murchison Falls National Park is an ideal for sportfishing while on Ugandan safaris. The turbulent falls are rich in oxygen which attracts huge Nile perch – Some weighing over 90 Kilograms

Sportfishing in Murchison falls national park is arranged by two lodges which include Paara and Chobe. The best fishing grounds are at the base of the falls. Instead of going right next to the falls, one can choose to stand on the rocks at the quiet section of the river (downstream) where they can throw their line in the deep waters. There are also several calm pools downstream that are isolated from the main river that should be considered. The pools are home to large Nile Perch, Tilapia, and giant catfish. If you want to discover more, you can choose to go fishing downstream to the Albert Nile by boat.

Sport fishing in Lake Mburo National Park

At Maziga you will have the opportunity to do some sport fishing when on tour at Lake Mburo National Park. Lake Mburo National Park has five lakes but most of the fishing is done at the largest lake known as Lake Mburo. Lake Mburo has six main species of fish. Tilapia is the most dominant species here. The Mazinga spot is the best fishing place in Lake Mburo because it is free from crocodiles and hippos.  One is required to pay $15 for a fishing permit by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. You need to bring your fishing equipment. Fishing in Lake Mburo is special because Anglers can arrange to have the fish prepared as a meal by their hotel. You are encouraged to carry your fishing equipment. With the option of over five fish species to catch, however, the most common fish is the tilapia.

Sipi Falls Sport Fishing Experience

Another destination where Spot fishing can be done in Uganda is Sipi falls at the slopes of Mountain Elgon that lies the most beautiful triple waterfalls in Uganda. Permits in this particular area can be secured from Sipi River Lodge and like Lake Mburo, you will have to carry your fishing gear.

To fish at the banks of the falls, you can use fish hooks, bobbers, needle nose pliers, sinkers, fishing rods, fish bait, and fishing ledgers among others. The most common is the rainbow trout fish – a vibrant and colorful fish that is hard to catch. The biggest trout can weigh up to 3 kilograms. You will be guided by a local tour guide on the best ways to catch the rainbow trout and the best spots for this activity. A safari to this site is an opportunity for anglers to challenge themselves with the rainbow fish species together with its striking colors and fighting skills. For anglers who are interested in sport fishing in Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon, permits can be obtained at Sipi River Lodge but don’t forget to carry your gear.

In conclusion, sport fishing is a very fun and relaxing activity that makes for a great time on holiday. Even for someone who has never really been into the whole fishing thing, sport fishing can be quite enjoyable and meditative. The area above showcase some of the best spots where you can enjoy sport fishing while on a Ugandan Trip. The good thing is that sport fishing can be added as part of your itinerary. This combines it with other activities such as beach vacation, wildlife safari, white water rafting, hiking and so much more. In cases where you are required to carry your fishing gear, do talk to us and we will arrange to get you the gear to use. That way, you won’t have to carry or buy new gear just for the trip.

Facts About Spot fishing Activity in Uganda

Uganda is famous for endangered mountain gorillas and wildlife safaris.  However, the country’s beauty doesn’t only depend on the hospitable people, wild animals, culture, and the endangered gorillas but also on its abundant recreational activities with rich water resources such as, lake and river which creates a great potential spot fishing and the whole tourism industry. Uganda the pearl of Africa has got different natural water bodies and as a matter of fact, approximately 25% of Uganda’s surface area is walled with water bodies. Lying on both eastern and western arm of the great East African Rift Valley, Uganda features numerous water resource points that have indisputably supported water-based tourism.

Uganda is the source of River Nile, the words longest liver and the second largest freshwater body in word Lake Victoria. The other crucial lakes in Uganda include George, Edward, Albert, and Kyoga. The availability of all these water bodies has presented a great opportunity for sport fishing in Uganda. Similarly, Implausible Rivers makes the country look magnificently with spectacular wonders that these Rivers produce. Other than River Nile, other rivers included River Katonga, River Aswa, River Kafu, and River Rwizi and this makes Uganda the best sport fishing destination region of East Africa.

Uganda has over three thousand fifty different species of fish with the major types being caught in her waters include Nile perch and Tilapia. Besides, there are other different types which include the lungfish, mud, catfish, protoperus, and Rastrinabola among others. Nile perch is the largest fish caught in Uganda waters as it can weigh over 210 kilograms. The Nile perch was introduced in Uganda in the early 19 century and has since dominated the Uganda waters. Other large-sized fish are lung and tilapia fish which is mostly eaten by most people in Ugandan although silverfish are also gaining popularity as food in most homes.

Vividly, in destinations with rich water resources, spot fishing is developing swiftly. Sportfishing as an activity carryout out in water bodies could be considered within a range of other tourism activities. Sportfishing can be understood as the recreation activity done by visitors at the destination for fun, competition, and feeding. It can as well be regarded as the most common hunting skill among leisure fishing is the one with the fishing rod. Thus, with this scenario, sport fishing which can be taken as a recreational fishing activity in which hunting with rod is common can be defined as non-commercial and compatible with nature sportive fishing activity in the rivers and lakes for enjoyment by travelers or pleasure seekers.

Sportfishing as a recreational activity in Uganda has been slowly growing since the 1990s and as of now, it is one of the crucial activities to do once you’re on Uganda destination safaris. Although it has not been fully attracted the attention of the local population and the middle-class people of Ugandans.   Sportfishing is better for pleasure seekers and it is important for bringing the bondage between family friends and ensuring that they have enjoyed fun at the destination. Most visitors need to not only look at the fishing communities do the actual fishing but to further experience the activity through sport fishing. Thus visitors are advised to book with Africa Adventure Vacations with experienced anglers to be guided on how much activity is done.

As the article continues we shall explore that River Nile and Lake Victoria are the top sportfishing destinations in Uganda. The main methods used by the fishermen to catch fish from these water bodies are through the casting of enticements or using bits to trap tilapia and Nile perch which are probably the biggest fish caught in these two water bodies.  Spot fishing recreational activity in Uganda is as remarkable as it involves spotting of Africans best wildlife species such as hippodromes, the huge Nile crocodiles, elephants, and buffaloes while on your sport fishing activity. However, to maintain the safety of travelers, anglers will always try to avoid the sections where dangerous animals such as crocodiles are concentrated.

Always sport fishing is arranged for several days depending on your interests. Long safaris for spot fishing requires you to be patient and physically fit. Fishing equipment such as speed engine boats can be availed or hired by your hotel of choice or the company that you booked with the tour. On your expedition, you will most probably fish tilapia which in some areas like Ssese islands you can smoke and share as a snack but in places like Murchison falls, one of of the best destinations where to do spot fishing in Uganda, it is more of a catch and release game in respect to conservation needs.

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