Uganda Safari

Africa adventure vacations arrange and organize tours to travelers on a Ugandan safari. These range from gorilla safari, cultural tours, birding safaris and swell as chimp tracking in all destinations of Uganda

Uganda Safari

Uganda safari include travelers discovering to the untamed tourism attractions mostly wildlife species. Uganda  is labeled the pearl of Africa which unique and striking attractions that are still enigmatic to many travelers across the globe. Uganda safaris have started exploration tours to the wildlife-rich Uganda which has not been affected by mass tourism impacts because of better conservation measures. Uganda is an outstanding destination for Gorilla safaris, Primate tourism, Biking safaris, Wildlife safaris, Cultural encounters, and Luxurious Holiday Packages.

While on Uganda safari, there are numerous destinations that you can undertake which among others include Ugandan ten (10) National parks entangled with remarkable vegetation, spectacular mountains, water bodies, and hospitable people. The key National parks you need not to miss while on Uganda safaris include Bwindi Impenetrable National park known for Mountain Gorillas, Murchison Falls National Park, the largest part of the ten with diverse wildlife species, Kibale  National Park regarded as park the primate capital due to a variety of several primates, Queen Elizabeth park the second largest, Kidepo National Park with different untamed species which have not been spotted anywhere else, Mgahinga and Lake Mburo park known for Zebras abs Giraffes among others. A combination of these parks has made Uganda a wonderful safaris destination in Africa.

Additionally, on Uganda safari, there are other interesting activities that you can participate in. activities such as visiting the cultural and traditional sites, Uganda historical monuments and museum sites as well as religious tourism sites like Churches and Mosques. Traveling for Uganda safari will provide you with an opportunity to meet and greet Uganda’s friendly people from different cultures. Safaris to Uganda will enable you to explore over 40 tribes of Bantu and Nilotic people who reside in the Pearl of Africa, without missing the short taunted Batwa people who once resides ion forested of Bwindi and Mgahinga now occupied by the respective parks.

A Ugandan safari rewards tourist with lifetime memorable experience those who dare to spend their short- or long-term vacation or adventure holiday on the Ugandan soil to Uganda.  At the moment Uganda shelters half of the only remaining endangered mountain Gorillas which provides an opportunity to tourists visiting the “Pearl of Africa” Uganda, on a safari destination to do both Gorilla trekking and habituation tours which are famous highpoint for any Uganda safari in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks that are also surrounded with numerous attracting birding species and beautiful cultural encounters with people who are creative and filled with joy.

High-class Uganda safari primate tourism such as gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee and Habituation as well habituation are conducted in tropical rain forests which receive rainfall through ought the year while the and savanna grassland which are seemingly rainy almost all the time throughout the year, while the dry Savannah national parks fascinate a variety of Uganda safari activities which among others include Ugandan safari game drives, bird watching trips,  magnificent scenic viewing guided nature and cultural walks among other interesting activities.

There is a tremendous increase in the growth of adventure tourism in Uganda due to its gift of a variety of adventure activities provided by natural water sources. The Uganda safari you will get exposed to adventure activities such as white water rafting at river Nile, bungee jumping, zip-lining, visiting various waterfalls, hot springs, boat cruise, and forest walks, Hot Air Ballon and game drives done in some of the Ugandan National Parks. It is only travelers on Uganda Safari in Africa where they can explore the true source of River Nile, bearing in mind that Uganda is the source of this mighty river. Visitors, therefore, will engage in swimming, canoeing, and boat cruise. Still, on Ugandan safari, you can tour the largest freshwater body in the world Lake Victoria with its associated interesting tourist adventure activities.

Why You Should Book Uganda Safaris?

Why taking Ugandan safari; Travel adventurous and lovers around the world who are having troubles in choosing for their best destination safaris, Uganda has all that it takes to be your top destination choice for a safari in Africa if not in the world. Africa Adventure Vacations gives you a detailed account as to why you should a marvelous pearl of Africa Ugandan safari trip for a memorable travel experience.

Uganda is one of the best tourism destinations in the whole of Africa advancing over the natural empowerment it harbors. In terms of location, Uganda is positioned in the East African region and is bordered by Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the South, South Sudan in the North, the Republic of Rwanda in the South Western, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Western Direction. The presence of varied topography has enabled the vegetable of all types to prevail on Ugandan soil.

In terms of the tourism industry, Uganda safaris are unique. The country hosts several giants and magnificent features which are of world significance. Uganda safari destination is characterized by the biggest freshwater bodies and the source of river Nile the longest river in Africa running for over 5,150 miles from Uganda up to Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea. Taking a Ugandan safari trip will avail you with these water bodies and their sparking features such as islands and better relaxation facilities including sand beaches. Most travelers on the Ugandan safari have narrated how best and adventurous it’s to feel the freshwater breezes of Uganda water bodies with mesmerizing features that are interesting to watch while on the waters.

Visitors opting for Uganda safari have articulated the unmatchable gorilla trekking experience that they will never.  It is important to note that Uganda anchorages over 500 mountain gorillas which are over 50% of the total population of Mountain gorillas in the world. On your Ugandan safari, these mountain gorillas are only located in both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park which are located in the South-Western part of Uganda. Another unique feature of not to shy away by visitors while on Uganda safari is the pointy of Rwenzori Mountains dubbed the mountain of the moon locked in the southwestern corner of country tests your adventure fervor.

The unique part of the mountain is that it is the tallest mountain in the whole of East Africa with its highest peak covered by snow.  The mountain being a block mountain was formed as a result of faulting and very many travelers strive to climb up to the top peak called Margherita which is interesting and challenging. Despite its height, and the fact that it lies along the equator where temperatures are high, the mountain remained covered with snow throughout the year. The experience here is worth exploring.

There is still a lot of other enticing activities to do whole on a Ugandan safari. These include lake Bunyonyi and other several creator lakes distributed across the country. Other than these, you can enjoy Uganda’s capital city life in Kampala where you can see a lot of people and their culture. A one-day tour within Kampala can expose you to Uganda’s largest institution Makerere University which is Amalga mar to very many presidents and former presidents of different nations. However, Kampala nightlife is much more interesting with decongested spaces, attracting night clubs’ sparks life at night associated with beautiful women and professional DJs playing both local and international music.

Africa adventure vacations arrange and organize tours to travelers on a Ugandan safari. These range from gorilla safari, cultural tours, birding safaris and swell as chimp tracking in all destinations of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Rwanda. All travelers are assured of a unique affordable experience by choosing to travel with Africa adventure vacations. Right from the time you land at Entebbe airport, your professional guide will take care of you by booking gorilla and chimpanzee permits, booking for accommodation and all activities you’re to enjoy on Uganda safari. What you need is to just sit back and enjoy the thrilling experience of this great Ugandan safari.

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