Uganda Beach Holidays

Book with us your Uganda beach holiday and have your mind rejuvenated.

Uganda Beach Holidays

Book beach holidays in Uganda for you to escape the noise and congestion of towns. Uganda is a landlocked country and it is known as the pearl of Africa with a lot of wildlife, water, and primate resources. The country offers a lot of tourist attractions in Uganda and one of the safaris taken by the tourists includes the wildlife safaris that include game drives and primate safaris, cultural tours, hiking safaris, and mountain climbing, and several water-based resources and activities.

Uganda features the largest freshwater lake in Africa that is Lake Victoria and the longest river Nile having its source from Uganda. These water resources among others have enables visitors to engage in various activities that including white water rafting, sport fishing, boat cruise safaris, and several beaches that are around Lake Victoria which you can explore.

Uganda is one of the friendliest and beautiful countries that you wish you can visit because of welcoming people from all regions and this is the reason why Uganda is the best destination that you can explore and interact with the friendly people who are welcoming and are ready to help you with everything you need to have. Therefore when you’re thinking about having a wonderful destination for your holiday then Uganda shouldn’t miss out on your holiday-listed countries in Africa.

Uganda beach holiday safaris are so stunning and they provide you with the rare opportunity to go and feel the lonely environment as you refresh on the fresh waters of Lake Victoria. The Uganda beach holiday safaris will give you a wonderful opportunity to engage in various tourist activities and these include sport fishing, swimming opportunities that provide you the wonderful relaxation moments.

Uganda beach holiday safaris are conducted along the shores a lot of the lake Victoria and you can linkup during the weekend, or vacation holidays and you can reach out near to the water sporting, swimming pool, honeymoon as your enjoying the scenic views as well as the tasting on the nature of the fish and Nile perch and all these activities will help you to have the relaxed moods and rejuvenate your very interesting mind.

Where to go in for Uganda beach holiday safaris?

There are a lot of beaches where you can have for your Uganda beach holiday safaris and these beaches offer a nice environment for the visitors who are interested in the beach holidays in Uganda. The following are beaches that you explore in Uganda while you’re on your Uganda beach holiday safaris

Beach holidays to lido beach Uganda; this beach is about a kilometer from Uganda’s main airport Entebbe international airport and thus you don’t need to move for long distances to explore this wonderful beach. It is favorable for families and it is always busy especially during weekends and other days. You can come to the beach and enjoy the relation of the white sand as you enjoy the sunset, beach soccer, and swimming while tasking on the roasted mean and fried fish with the music in the background.

Beach holidays to Munyonyo beach Uganda; this is an advanced place in Uganda with several areas of interest that include the martyr’s shrine and the several advanced hotels as well as the beach activities. It is from here that you can go and the canoe ride and connect to several islands on the lake such as Buffalo and Chimp Island. Several activities can be organized here and these include horseback riding, fishing, and the party life at the beach and thus this gives you a wonderful opportunity to have amazing Uganda Beach holidays safaris.

Beach Holidays to Ssese Islands Uganda; Ssese Island is also an important destination that you can explore during the Ugandan beach holiday safaris. The Ssese Island is meant for visitors interested in birding safaris, enjoy the primates such as monkeys, and other aquatic species such as the hippopotamus, and the crocodiles. Enjoy the nightlife at Kalangala bay, as you enjoy the local foods prepared with the several restaurants operated by the local people.

Beach holiday to Lutembe beach Uganda; this is also one of the amazing beaches that are found in Wakiso district about 4 kilometers from Kampala Entebbe road. The beach is so important and it’s even a swampy hub gazetted as the birds’ sanctuary. Those interested in bird watching, you should not be left out to take your beach holiday safaris and visitors can as go camping within the area providing a beautiful space for the water birds and the beach is wonderful and clean with free accessibility.

Beach holiday to One Love Beach Uganda;  this is a private beach found in Busabala and it gives a wonderful environment for you to sit and relax, a lot of activities are organized here and these include beach volleyball, football, exciting boat cruise, and other activities with wonderful facilities.

Imperial Beach; This beach is located 42 kilometers southwest of Kampala city with popular sites such as imperial botanical gardens, botanical resort, and imperial botanical beach to mention but a few. There is a lot of fun as you do sunbathe, take part in several water sports, watch different bird species, and fall in love with the different tree species all around the place, giving you a perfect spot for photography.

Serena resort beach; All those who love swimming should add this beach to their list, it is located in Kigo town and surrounded by abundant amounts of plants hosting different bird species. boat rides are offered in this place with perfect accommodation namely, Lake Victoria Serena resort.

Nabinonya Resort Beach; If you thought a beach is only about water and sand, you have not yet explored it, take a visit to Nabinonya resort beach that harbors different primates, beautiful plants, reptiles, and birdlife; offering remarkable relaxation and an exciting experience to both locals and foreigners. As you think of a weekend, honeymoon, festivals, or even family safari, sand beaches in Uganda are the place to chill for your rest and recreation, offering a cool and cozy environment, with a variety of activities that suit every kind of traveler.

Other beaches in Uganda include the imperial beaches, the Spenah beach, white sands beach among other beaches. Contact us and we shall organize for you the best beaches to suit your interests.

What to do during your Uganda beach holiday safaris?

There are various activities that you can do as your visiting the above-mentioned beaches during your Uganda beach holiday safaris. Several water activities are presented and you can indulge in the following activities and these include kayaking, diving, taking boat trips, swimming, bird watching, boat cruise, beach soccer and beach volleyball, hiking, biking, sunbathing, among several others and these are the interesting activities that you can involve in. the lake is very accessible for the beach holiday safaris and only kilometers from the Entebbe international airport, you will be able to start your Uganda Beach holiday Safaris.

Where to stay for your Uganda beach holiday safaris?

There are a lot of several lodges where you can stay for your Uganda beach holidays safaris. Lake Victoria is close to the major towns of Entebbe municipality and Kampala capital city and thus the accommodation facilities here include Garuga resort beach hotel, Serena lake Victoria hotel, acacia beach hotel, Katomi kingdom resort, premier garden hotel, Protea hotel, St Stevens Suites, No 5 boutique hotel, prestige resort cottages, Papyrus guest house, sienna beach hotel, Boma hotel in Entebbe and Trendy apartments among other species.

What is the Best time to go for the Uganda beach holiday safaris?

Uganda beach holiday safaris are organized throughout the year, this means that each school can arrange to go for beach holiday safaris every time they feel and here at Africa adventure vacations, were are ever open to book for you the Uganda beach holiday safaris

Although the Uganda beach holiday safaris can be organized throughout the year, it is good to go to get for this trip during the dry season especially in June, July, August, September, October, December, January, and February. During the dry season, you will enjoy the uninterrupted lectures in the wild since there are limited chances of rainfall during this period.

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