Tour to Kibale crater lakes

As you transverse the areas around Kibale for crater tours and other activities like chimpanzee tracking, bird watching don't be afraid of where to stay.

Tour to Kibale crater lakes

The adventure tour to Kibale crater lakes: Well knows as Africa’s Primate capital, Kibale forest national park anchorages over 1500 individual chimpanzees which have enhanced the chimpanzee trekking safaris in this magnificence, forested Park. once all chimpanzee tracking activity is done, the park still has a lot to offer as you can base on this park to move for thrilling crater lakes tour that is splashed all the whole park of western Uganda. The majority of these carter lakes still are neat the Kibale Forest National Park and thus you might not travel for a long distance.

Visitors in Kibale forest National Park will need to go for a day outing tour in the nearby Fort portal city in Kabarole district. These are the areas with a lot of crater lakes which you can discover by food. You will have to do some hiking to have clear views of these Crater Lake. Up hiking to the top for better views of these crater lakes, you will also be rewarded with other views of important features such as Kibale forest, Ruwenzori mountain ranges, and lakes including Lake Gorge.

Most of the visitors follow the Kasenda Crater Lake trail with ancient crater lakes that are well guarded by volcanic lopes and thus times this provides a challenge to visitors hiking this kind of lake. These crater lakes are gently located in the western direction of Kibale forest and east of Rwenzori Mountain.

Enjoy the Mahoma falls located in Kabata village still in Kasenda. You can stop here for a while standing at the bottom of the falls as you take shower just from the bottom of this fall. Quickly crater lakes were formed as the result of the volcanic activity that forced the magma out of the earth onto the earth’s surface.

As result, the vent where magma passes through collapses leaving a crater, and when it is filled with water then it becomes a Crater Lake Nyinambuga Crater lake presents one of the significant Crater lakes in Uganda and because of this, it was decorated on Uganda’s 20,000 shillings notes. Don’t forget to pass through Lyantonde and the Rukwanzi crater lakes for the best experience.

As you transverse the areas around Kibale for crater tours and other activities like chimpanzee tracking, bird watching don’t be afraid of where to stay. There are a lot of accommodation facilities with proven quality and standard services.  You can opt to stay at Kyaning Lodge which is close to Kyaninga Crater Lake. This lake offers a fascinating and fresh breeze to the visitors. The perfect Ndali lodge offers comfortable accommodation facilities as well.

Basing on the above information, we advise that you incorporate Crater Lake safari tours on your itineraries for chimpanzee trekking safaris in Kibale forest National Park.

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