Crater Lakes Of Kibale National Forest Park

Most crater lakes in Kibale National Park are bilharzia free and are safe for swimming.

Crater Lakes Of Kibale National Forest Park

Kibale crater lakes are found in the western rift valley area famously known as the Ndali Kasenda crater region. These crater lakes are located in southwestern Uganda 350 km from the capital city of Uganda Kampala.

Crater lakes in Kibale National Park give the best scenic view and beautiful nature of genuine adventures. Besides chimpanzees, mammals, birds, and primates in Kibale National Park, the crater lakes supplement the safaris to give you the best Kibale National Park experience. These crater lakes in Kibale National Park are found in the Kabarole district are in the Ndali Kasenda crater area. The crater lakes in Kibale National Park under the steep undulating hills form a dramatic landscape in western Uganda.

These crater lakes are famously known as Ndali Kasenda craters. Ndali Kasenda craters can be traced to the ages of both Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks. The area of these crater lakes in Kibale National Park is much elevated above sea level and it’s called the top of the word trail located between Kibale National Park and Kamwenge road. When you reach these crater lakes you get to have a spectacular view of the explosion craters and crater lakes in the area.

How Were Crater Lakes in Kibale Forest National Park formed?

Crater lakes in Kibale National Park were formed as a result of volcanicity 10000 years ago before history, the violent volcanicity involved strong volcanic eruption which blew off the surface, pouring back the lava, ash, and debris around the depression creating an explosion crater bounded by a realm of ash and lava. On the other hand, when craters were filled with water they become crater lakes like Katwe in Queen Elizabeth national park and others

Some crater lakes in Kibale National Park have gotten clean water for swimming and others have sulphuric water, green in color. These lakes are toxic and are associated with a bad pungent smell from acidic water. And the lakes in Kibale National Park include

Lake Nyabikere: This is the most popular lake in Kibale National Park. The lake is the closest to fort portal town, the word Nyabikere is translated as the lake of frogs in the local language. Lake Nyabikere is located 10km off Fort Portal’s main road to Kibale National Park just 3 minutes drive off the main road. It’s also possible to walk from Nyabikere Crater Lake to Nyamirima Crater Lake via Nyinabulitwa. Lake Nyabikere is a famous base for chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park.

Lake Nkuruba: Lake Nkuruba is another stunning lake in Kibale National Park located 25 km south of Fort Portal town. Nkuraba lake is an access point to the top of the world hike where you find Mahoma falls and other explosion craters. The lake gives you impressive views for walking safaris in Kibale National Park

Lake Nyinambuga: Nyinambuga Crater Lake is located near Lake Nkuruba, it’s associated with clean water and is surrounded by forests. The forest is an habitant of several primates i.e. monkeys, baboons, and birds in the forest. It’s this lake that appears in the twenty thousand Ugandan shillings note of Uganda. The lake has gotten blue-green water which provides a spectacular view of nature.

Lake Lyantonde: Lake Lyantonde is a crater lake found near Lake Nyinambuga and west of the same lake. This lake is most convenient for travelers exploring the Kibale Ndali Kasenda craters.

Lake Kifuruka: This is one of the many crater lakes in the Ndali-Kasenda crater area. The lake gives travelers a chance to explore a lot more about the Kibale Ndali Kasenda crater area. The lake surrounding has a beautiful scenic view of the forest

Activities Associated With Crater Lakes

A lot of crater lakes are found in the Ndali-Kasenda areas in Kibale National Park. Most crater lakes in Kibale National Park are bilharzia free and are safe for swimming. Other crater lakes offer fishing activities, beautiful for cycling and nature walks among others. The crater lakes area gives you the best area for bird-watching activities where you get to see birds like the olive long-tailed cuckoo, western tinker bird, pittas, grey parrot among others.

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